Frugal Doll Cake Tutorial


I’m pretty excited about this post. I love to make cakes…well..occasionally. I don’t want to make them as a career, because that would make it stressful. I do enjoy making them for my family. They don’t require perfection. So if I color outside the lines, no one cares☺️.

Full disclosure….this cake will not be perfect. You could buy one that is much more detailed and symmetrical. I chose to use only one color of frosting to simplify things. I will tell you all of the good things about this cake, along with the bad.


First off, I had a yard sale the same day I decorated this cake, and another cake, so I was exhausted…not.good.🙁.Plenty of time would have made this much more fun and probably a little neater. Oh well..moving on..

IMG_4995.JPGIt’s a good idea to prepare your doll a bit in advance. I washed her well, because she came from a thrift store. Then, I wrapped her tightly in cling wrap, brushed very lightly with school glue(non-toxic, even though you aren’t going to eat it), then poured glittery sprinkles all over to make it appear that she has a top on. In the past, I have painted the top beforehand to match. I have also simply used frosting to form a top. This works fine, but there is a slight fear that the frosting may not stay adhered. Mine always has, but I have to admit, less to worry about is always better☺️.


I began by using a mixing bowl that is kinda in the shape of a skirt. Lots of metal and glass bowls are oven safe so you may have something you could use in your cabinet. A smaller bundt pan works great because it has that great hole in the middle😉. Lots of Pyrex bowls have a similar shape. Grease, then flour your pan. I needed more height, so I also made one extra round cake. Be sure to measure your doll to the height of your pans. This is kinda forgiving because you can always add a bit of frosting to add some height or cut some away, if needed😉.


Mix cake mix according to package directions(I used two), then bake. The cake that cooks in the dress-shaped bowl, will take longer to bake. Test with a skewer until it comes out clean.


This cake will be a bit dense due to the longer cooking time. Thankfully, the cake on the bottom will be a little less dense😉. If this bothers you, you can cut the “dress” in half and put a simple sugar syrup solution over the layers, then add an extra frosting layer in between to moisten it a bit. I didn’t do any of this due to the fact that I wanted to go to bed at some point😀.


I baked this cake on Friday, wrapped layers well, then froze. Frosting frozen layers is so much easier. I cut a smaller hole in the middle of the cakes. This is necessary because if you just push the doll in, it may cause your cake to crack when it thaws due to pressure.


I made a simple buttercream frosting with butter, powdered sugar, salt, and vanilla. Then tinted it purple with food coloring. This cake takes lots of frosting, so I used two sticks of butter and a 2 pound bag of powdered sugar.


Now for the assembly. Saw off any parts that cooked to hard or are uneven with a serated knife or if you don’t have one, like me, a steak knife works well😉.


Put a blob of frosting on your cake plate, or regular plate(heavier plates work best)if you don’t have one, then lay your cake round on it. Frost that layer well, then apply the mixing bowl layer. Push the doll in, then apply a layer of frosting all over.


Now this is the fun part…decorating! No special tools are needed for this. I only used sandwich bags with a small hole cut in the end. I made swirls, loops, dots….whatever..all over the cake. Practically anything is going to look good. You could simply just do frosting blobs all over and it will look intentional! Be sure to only use a few tablespoons of frosting at a time. Your hand will heat up the frosting as you work, making it melt some.


I topped mine with glittery sprinkles because I already had them on hand, they make it look more glamorous, and they hide some imperfections☺️. Let frosting dry on cake for few minutes, then apply clear wrap, and it’s ready to transport…. or skip clear wrap and eat it now☺️.

I don’t have a price breakdown for this cake because I wanted to get it posted today as promised☺️. I estimate it to be around $8. Also, ignore my messy kitchen. I didn’t clean it up to look better in pictures. Keep in’ it real, y’all!

I hope you enjoyed this cake tutorial. If you have any questions leave them in the comments. Have you ever made a doll cake? What are your suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Frugal Doll Cake Tutorial

  1. I’ve never made a doll cake, but my mother used to make lamb cakes (using a cake mold) when I was little. I thought about making doll cakes for my girls, but they neither one cared for Barbies or any dolls like that, so I ended up making sheet cakes and taking the easy way out. This cake is cute. You actually found a doll at the thrift store that didn’t have messed up hair?
    My specialty cake is one I make from scratch at Christmas that is three white layers with a rich cooked filling containing six egg yolks, nuts, coconut, sugar, milk, raisins and bourbon, and frosted with buttercream frosting. I make that sucker once a year only!


  2. What a great cake! I’ve never made a doll cake, and I’m not sure why because my daughter was a total Barbie fan. My mom would make cakes where you cut pieces from round or square layers to form shapes, like a bunny at Easter. I remember being pretty excited about those as a child. If I have grandchildren someday, I will try some special kid cakes like yours.


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