A Yardsale Furniture Redo


I purchased this cabinet at the ‘rainy day’ yardsale last weekend. If you get a chance, scroll back to last Monday to see what else I picked up. I got this cabinet, the red puddle jumper for my grandson, a “screw-out” tool set for my husband, and the metal wall decor piece complete with candles all for…drum roll please…$10!

Now…I don’t love this little cabinet. The feet on it make me think of a flotation device or hockey pucks☺️. Also, the paint on it isn’t as flattering as I would like. So I began to brainstorm a bit. I settled on the idea of stenciling some meaningful words on top. After visiting Joann’s craft store, I was in sticker shock. The one single stencil that I liked was $7.99! I paid less then $5 for the whole cabinet!🙁



I decided I would try to free hand these words on the cabinet myself using a single bottle of black craft paint for 99 cents. I knew that this black paint could be watered down a bit and used to further distress the wood. So it does double duty… sounded good to me☺️.


I began to have a little bit of anxiety when I got home. What if I can’t make the letters line up correctly and it ends up looking like a child painted it?  That might be cute, but not exactly what I was going for☺️. Sometimes these things require us to have a little faith☺️! Or at least do a test patch to make sure the paint will wash off easily if it turns out to be hot mess😉. I did both!

I gave myself a little pep talk and began to measure off where I wanted the letters to go and about what size they needed to be. Then I painted….and painted… and painted. It took forever just to get these simple words painted! The distressing of the wood only took a few minutes and was a nice break from the tedious lettering. For that, I simply used some of the black craft paint mixed with a bit of water and applied it with a paintbrush. I focused on the corners and crevices to hopefully achieve a few highlighted areas. Sometimes I would get a little too much paint in one area. I would just rub it off with a rag and start over.


The next day, I went to Lowe’s and found these knobs that matched the hardware on the doors almost perfectly. They were $1.87 per knob, which wasn’t too bad. My husband and I attached them, then we removed those odd looking,hockey puck, feet from the bottom.


I think it looks pretty good. Not perfect, but good enough. My oldest daughter needed something to go on a wall in her home so I think this will work well with the metal wall hanging. This cabinet has lots of storage space underneath for toys, cleaning supplies, or whatever. I estimated that I paid about $8 for this cabinet after the upgrades. I think this will be a nice surprise☺️.


What do you think of this little furniture redo?

6 thoughts on “A Yardsale Furniture Redo

  1. Wow! Awesome! It’s fun to see what can be done with a lot of creativity and just a little money. I’m sure your daughter will be thrilled with the special touches you put on the cabinet, and with the nice wall hanging too!


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