Thursday’s Thrifty Three

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

-Ayn Rand



Number One: Try to not be brand specific or picky

Admittedly, I have mentioned this one before😉. I think it’s so important to the frugal journey, so I keep bringing it up. I download Free Friday Download coupons to my Kroger card weekly. They don’t always have an item I prefer or can even use. I usually download the coupon and pass the item on to someone who can. My family likes Doritos so this week was a no-brainer, but last week… it was a type of kettle chips. We don’t like kettle chips as much because they are a kind of hard chip. My family prefers a softer chip. I got them anyway because I knew we would still eat them.

We actually still enjoyed them! Surprisingly, they turned out to not be as hard as some of the kettle chips I had purchased in the past. Getting these for free allows us to try new things that we may have not otherwise tried. It’s also one less snack I had to buy this week☺️.

Sticking to only one brand locks us in to paying a more certain price. We usually have all kinds of different name brands and generics at my house, according to what is on sale. This grooms us to not have preferences. In other words, constantly exposing my family to a different brands of the same product, lessons the chances of them deciding they just “have to have name brand_______”.   Insert whatever it is here. Like my friend who “has to have Tide pods”..No one has to have the Pods…rant over..moving on

There are a few exceptions. For instance, my kids will use any shampoo or conditioner that I place in the shower. They have never even verbalized an opinion on it. The only thing they don’t love is certain flavors of toothpaste. They will use whatever I buy, but they prefer a kid flavor. Since I can usually find good prices on kid toothpaste, I usually buy it😉. Frugality is like life, it’s a delicate balance.


Number Two: Learn a few things about ingredients to make informed decisions about purchases to save money.

Here is two jars of coconut oil. The one on the left is $4.00 for 30oz. of refined and the one on the right is $5.00 for only 15oz of unrefined.


For me, it makes sense to buy the refined on the left for $4.00.

Here are my reasons:

1. My kids have lots of allergies, so avoiding the coconut meat that is in the unrefined version, lessons the chances of belly pain.

2. I don’t want our savory food to taste like coconut so being flavorless is a plus at my house.

3. I use coconut mostly for my face and skin. I love cookies but I don’t really want to smell like one. Although, that does sound kinda good.. I could just be hungry 😉.

4. It’s less money for twice the product!

Some people will look at the price and the smaller container and think the one on the left is an inferior product. I don’t consider it inferior…just simply different.Also, the extra virgin on the right is cold-pressed instead of the processing that the one on the left goes through. If I was making candy with it, or something similar, I may choose the one on the right. For my purposes, the one on the left makes more sense. Taking the time to learn about products that you use regularly that are processed different ways, can save you money☺️.


Number Three: Be patient and start flowers with seeds or bum a starter from a friend.

Frugaldribble, did you just encourage me to be a bum??….Well, I guess I did, but I will explain later…..moving on. It’s so easy to go buy a potted plant that’s already beautiful. I get it…I love those, too☺️. If you can just be patient, there is so much joy in starting flowers from seeds then watching them grow. It’s also a great learning experience for kids. If you just can’t wait,  try visiting the clearance section of your home and garden store. Often you can find plants/flowers that can be divided up into several smaller plants for not much money. There are often discounted pots or planters in this section, too.


The prices of seeds can vary from store to store. These seed packets were $1(it says on the packet $1.59 but they were actually just$1😉) I had just looked at some at Lowe’s that were $4 for the exact same size/type packets😳.


And then a few hours later, I found these seed packets pictured below for 4/$1 at Dollar General. So yeah, prices vary wildly☺️.


Frugal Drib- Do you know a friend or family member that has a yard full of beautiful flowers? Most of them will be more than happy to give you a few starter pieces with good healthy roots to get your own started, if you just ask. People with good knowledge of flowers and plants usually love to talk about them, so they will give you free advice on how to care for them, too.

Thanks again for visiting this Thursday’s Thrifty Three of my personal favorites☺️.

Do you give your family some of your plants? Have you ever tried Doritos Blaze chips? Do you use coconut oil?

4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thrifty Three

  1. We’ve given starts from several plants in our yard, including an old-fashioned rose that we know nothing about, except that it grew at the old family homestead for many years. We also have plants started from other yards. Gardeners do like to share.
    1. My husband starts veggie plants from seed. He gives some of the plants away, and in return, we almost always get garden produce from the people he gave plants to, not necessarily from the plants he gave them, but from plants they are growing that we aren’t, such as sweet corn. We also save seed, which means we must buy heirloom (non-hybrid) seed to start with, but we can harvest our own seeds for years after that.
    2. I make my own detergent. Some people can’t get their clothes clean with homemade, but with my water and machine, it works perfectly. I don’t need pods, either.
    3. I buy Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile soap on sale and use it, cut with water and a squirt of aloe gel, to wash my hair. I mix it about 1:2 parts water and put it in an old empty Dr. Bronner’s bottle. I rinse with apple cider vinegar, about a tablespoon to a pint of water. My hair looks fine and feels nice and soft.


  2. My friend will only use those pods yet he complains that sometimes they melt in one spot leaving a blob of detergent on his pant leg. Also, what if you want to just run a really small load? Doesn’t that waste a whole pod? I wish I could bum some old fashioned rose starts from you…how lovely! I use regular shampoo, I just don’t use large amounts of it. I do use a vinegar rinse from time to time.


  3. I just planted seeds this week for flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Some of the seeds are new, some are older and were in my freezer. I don’t know how the old ones will do, but I’m very much in “use it up” mode right now. I have plants that others have given me, and I’ve passed some on too.

    We use coconut oil in cooking/baking sometimes. I’m going to try coconut oil for my face when I run out of moisturizer. I really like the idea of things being multi-purpose and more natural. I need to try apple cider vinegar for hair rinse. I have a gallon of it that was given to me by a friend’s mom who realized she overbought. Again, “use it up” comes to mind.


  4. My kids and I are going to plant a few seeds this weekend. I enjoy watching things grow. I am in a use it up mode, too. I wish I could garden more but we have pests that eat everything I put out so I gave up. Someone told me to put coconut oil on my face before showering and use it like a cleanser. I was skeptical but my face feels really good afterwards and it removes any leftover makeup easily. I also love natural products that do double duty.


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