This Morning I am…


…..Wondering if I can turn this into something. I found this visor in the middle of the road on the way to work. It has a Sonic logo on it. I like Sonic, but I don’t really want to be a walking advertisement for them. I could use an extra visor for hot, sunny days. Maybe I will figure it out. In the meantime, I am storing it in a sealed plastic bag for two weeks to kill any critters just in case😉….then I will wash it.


…Being glad I got these freebies from Kroger since taco seasoning was on my list of things to take on an upcoming trip. We always have a taco night on vacation☺️. The Doritos were a nice bonus!


…..Appreciating that a business a few doors down gifted me this sleeve of plastic cups.  While I do not love plastic, these will work great for camping trips this summer and they are easy to wash out and reuse.


…Kinda wishing I would have bought this dollhouse at a yardsale this weekend. It’s so cute, is actually made well, and has some nice furniture with it. My kids have similar things so I had to let it go😬. Sometimes I think about buying stuff for resale,  but I’m afraid I will get stuck with it.


…..Thinking if I did decide to try to buy something sell, these would have sold well. These are huge dog carriers, hard to tell from the picture,  I know….and he only wanted $5 per carrier. I don’t have room to store them but they were so nice☺️. Um.., I also have no dogs so if I didn’t sell them, they would really be in the way. Also, you see those canning jars at the bottom left of the picture above? I struggled with buying those as well😬..I have to keep telling myself not to buy things. The struggle is real😀!

What do you think about buying items for resale? Do you do it and is it worth the hassle?

Please check back in tomorrow for the Thursday’s Thrifty Three…☺️


11 thoughts on “This Morning I am…

  1. I use to partake in a bit of retail arbitrage back in the day when eBay was new and everything you put up there sold and quickly. Ah, the good old days before shipping costs went through the roof. 8-(
    Those dog crates will a bear to ship might sell if you have a local FB yard sale site or something similar. Also dog/cat rescue groups or an animal shelter are always begging for donations of pet stuff.


    1. As usual, I’m late to the party. I see so many things that I know someone out there needs for a good price. I considered FB or Craigslist to avoid shipping, but I know that limits the amount of exposure. Things to ponder….


  2. I always have to talk myself out of buying things at thrift stores and yard sales. The prices can be so good, and I have to remind myself that I don’t need everything I see, bargain or not. I don’t buy things to resell, as I always wondered if, for me, it would be worth doing. It works for some people though!

    Freebies are fun! I picked up a visor once from a parking lot, which we still use. I like the Kroger freebies. I got the exact same things as in your pic. The Blaze Doritos are super spicy, but it was a chance to try a new flavor.


    1. Strangely, my kids like those hot Doritos! I’m not big on storing stuff so that is a big concern for me to resell. I’m thinking of adding lettering to my visor. I will do a post on it if it works out…and probably if it doesn’t also, lol.


  3. I’ve never done this, but I see many bloggers and commenters who do. I live in a rural area with no large towns closer than 50 miles away, so my chances at getting it sold locally are not so good. I really didn’t want to get into shipping — a trip to the post office is not convenient, and there is no UPS or FedEx shipping drop near me– so I have always let those good deals pass me by. Some folks seem to do quite well at it, but I would worry that it would be stuck at my house for a good while, and I would hate that. My husband would probably just up and haul it to the dump without telling me, if an item took too long to sell!


    1. These are my exact same issues. If I had some kind of storage space that I could put stuff(not my house) and avoid shipping altogether, I would consider it more. I know there is money to be made, just not sure I would be a good fit.


  4. Yes, I do buy for resale. I find antique things marked too low and only buy those things and usually something I really want, too. I stop at antique stores on the way home and sell these things still too low. I make a bit of money, have something I could not afford, gas is paid for and I am happy. There were things that never got to my house. Well, I did this for many years but my health will not allow this now.


    1. It seems that things don’t sell as easy as they did just a few short years ago, also. I love antiques! I only have very few. I have a few pieces of vaseline and carnival glass. I also have a little table that was passed down through the family. I hope your health continues to improve, I know you have been sick recently


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