Rainy Day Yardsale


My family and I were planning to have a yardsale this past weekend. Unfortunately, the forecast showed a 60% chance of having rain, so we cancelled. We were having it in an open area, so it wasn’t possible. In my area, we have to buy a permit from the city to have a yardsale. If the yardsale doesn’t happen, that money is lost if it is rained out.

All was not lost,  there were a few sales advertised in my paper that said ‘rain or shine’ so I thought I would see what I could find. An upside to going to yardsales in the rain…others decided to sleep in. That means the selection can be great. The downsides are staying wet most of the day, difficulty seeing yardsale signs due to rain, and lots of people will cancel assuming no one will come….because they are sleeping in, of course☺️.


I found this puddle jumper for my grandson for $2. These are the best floaties I have found for my kids. I was going to give him my youngest daughter’s but it is a little girly looking. This one looks more like it belongs to a boy and I will keep the girly looking one for him to use in a pinch at my house.


I also found this #6 candle for my daughter’s birthday this week for 25 cents. **I hope you come back to see my upcoming doll cake post, so fun!!**These candles can be bought at the Dollar Store for about a $1. I saw this one below today while browsing.


I got a nice metal, wall decor piece. I paid more for that than I really wanted to😬. I paid $15 for it, but I have been looking for something like this for awhile. They are much more expensive than this in stores and it’s really big!…I do love it☺️!



Lastly, I got two pool toys that we can bring on an upcoming trip. I don’t know if any of you have ever bought these, but they can be very expensive. Especially if purchased at the beach. I got both of them for a $1. I’m happy with this purchase because they can be used for several years. My kids always beg for them…and I always say no😀.



I have a couple other purchases that I am planning to post later this week. They are part of a gift, so I can’t post them yet. Just in case the receiver looks at this blog post. I’m excited to post them so stay tuned😉.

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Yardsale

  1. You are so right! I have been browsing at large wall metal decor pieces similar to mine and it seems I got a really good deal. Also, these seem to still be really popular..even though I don’t really care about that. I think Joanna Gaines may even approve of my choice..ha!


  2. Yes, the metal wall piece was a good price. If it is something I’ve been looking for, I don’t mind paying more, just very happy I found it for a lot less than a store. The other things you found were great deals! I went to a church rummage sale on Saturday. For $8, I got a little leather crossbody bag, wallet, to-go coffee mug with my college logo, a drink jar with lid and straw, a little box of beautifully handmade Christmas gift tags, and several packages of card making or scrapbooking, stickers and embellishments. All of these things were new with tags, or still in packages. I needed a new wallet, and I got the purse and drink jar for my daughter. I told my husband I got $8 worth of stuff, but had $50 worth of fun finding it!


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