Frugal Lip Care


I have to admit,  I do love lipstick. It can make an otherwise colorless face appear brighter and more fresh. Spring and Summer are times that I wear a minimal amount of make-up. It’s very hot and sticky, with the high humidity of the South. This causes most makeup to simply melt off. Lipstick is the only product that stays on since my lips don’t sweat☺️! 


I feel like the best way to look fresh faced is to take care of your skin and lips. So that way, if the make-up does melt off, you still have a healthy looking canvas to display underneath. Dry lip skin will cause the best of lip products to look clumpy and icky….not very kissable, either❤️.

My favorite way to treat my lips is by doing a quick frugal lip treatment to remove excess skin and hydrate.



Apply petroleum jelly, with a generous amount of granulated sugar sprinkled over top, to dampened lips. Apply gentle pressure in a circular motion with a damp washcloth. This gentle, yet abrasive, treatment will get rid of excess skin, leaving a smooth surface to work with☺️. Then apply lip balm or more petroleum jelly. Do this about once a week to keep lips kissably soft…or if your not into that…just nice and soft😉.

It’s important to mention that lip cancer has been on the rise for a few years because we have neglected to care for our lips while slathering on all that sunscreen to protect our skin. Especially if we apply a glittery, shiny gloss. While they look so pretty, it’s comparable to putting your lips on a hot tin roof with baby oil on them😬. I just had a flashback from the 90’s when I did a similar scenario with my body in a bikini…never.again….for so many reasons that have nothing to do with the sun damage😀. Pick up a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher if you aren’t using one already.


I have become a fan of E.l.f. Cosmetics. I have found some of their products to not be as good as others,  but I do enjoy the lipstick. It works well and they have good selection of colors to choose from for around $3 per tube.

Do you like E.l.f brand cosmetics? Do you have a special lip treatment that works for you?

4 thoughts on “Frugal Lip Care

  1. I’m going to try your sugar scrub method soon…it sounds very salon-like! I have used e.l.f. cosmetics and remember liking them, just haven’t bought any in awhile. I’ll remember to look for those in the future. I think the lipsticks, glosses and balms that I am using right now were mainly gifts, and everything is lasting awhile. That’s a good reminder about sunscreen too!


  2. It works really well and uses what most people have already. I like E.l.f. pretty well. The foundation is wasn’t that great for me. It seems even Dollar Store cosmetics are going up in price. I don’t ever get make-up for gifts, maybe I will suggest that to my family.


  3. Yes, Dollar Tree is great for so many things! I have only seen a few Elf products there, so the selection is minimal at mine. I get my brow powder/eyeshadow there. I remember you mentioning you were sick recently, I hope you are feeling better!


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