The Amazing Power of Cornstarch


I love this stuff! I can not possibly list all the amazing uses for cornstarch. Obviously, we have to talk about the uses in the kitchen. I use it to thicken sauces and gravies into the perfect consistency. It can turn almost no ingredients into a delicious dessert pudding. Or how bout the times it turns my watery chili or soups into a thick hearty meal?


I sometimes make my own powdered sugar mixture out of granulated sugar and cornstarch blended finely in the blender. I have used it as a replacement for flour in batter to make the food more crispy. The possibilities are endless.

I don’t want to focus on cornstarch for its cooking abilities today because…. it’s making me hungry☺️…and I want to include cornstarch in the beauty/selfcare series. I do so much with cornstarch that has nothing to do with food. I can’t list them all so I decided to focus on a few of my favorites.


Number One: Add cornstarch to shoes to prevent foot odor from ever starting

When I purchase new shoes for my kids and myself, I add a sprinkle of cornstarch to them before we ever put our feet inside. This keeps the shoes drier so the bacteria that cause odor has a hard time growing. We sprinkle some more cornstarch in the shoes every few days or so after that and we never have smelly shoes anymore. This is one of those things that has to be prevented before it ever starts, but it works.


We use an old Parmesan cheese bottle, similar to the one pictured here, to keep ours in so the kids can easily sprinkle a bit themselves. As a matter of fact, that is exactly why I didn’t picture my own sprinkle bottle of cornstarch…the kids have it upstairs. Dumping it in the shoes straight from the container, like pictured above, is very risky☺️.


Number two: Use cornstarch to soak up excess oils in hair

I prefer to sprinkle cornstarch on the hairbrush(again, a shaker-style container works best😉), beat the brush on the counter a few times to distribute, then run through hair. If not careful, you will get to work and someone will point out the big white spot on your scalp..ask me how I know😬? When applied properly, cornstarch will your hair feel clean, manageable, and fresh…for just pennies! If you have super dark hair,  I have heard cocoa powder works great also but I haven’t tried it. If you have I would love to hear about. Oh and does it make you feel like eating your hair☺️? Hair that smells like chocolate could be dangerous for me😬.


Number three: Help prevent chafing

There not a lot more I can add to this. If skin rubs together or becomes moist, it can breakdown. A little cornstarch can lesson the friction…nothing more I can add to that☺️.


Number four: Use for face powder

I have a little jar of cornstarch in my makeup bag to use in place of loose or pressed powder. It works similarly and costs pennies. When I had a pressed powder compact that became broken in my purse, I just dumped the pieces into my jar of cornstarch to stretch it a little farther.

Do you love cornstarch like me? What are your favorite uses for it?


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Power of Cornstarch

  1. Great ideas! I do use cornstarch as face powder as you do. In “use it up” mode, I had bought some bronzing pearls (bronzer in ball form) for my daughter and myself long ago and we didn’t really use them. After my face powder ran out about a year ago, I decided I would crush a few of those pearls and add them to cornstarch for color. I’m really happy with the results and can probably make years worth of powder with those. I have read that you can color cornstarch with cocoa powder too, which I had tried before I thought of the bronzer. It doesn’t take much cocoa, and I don’t think that I could smell it, so I wasn’t craving brownies or anything after applying it!! I’ve used baking soda in shoes, or even to “powder” my feet with before putting on socks, so now I know I can use cornstarch as an alternate. What a good idea to begin it when shoes are new and to put it in a shaker jar like that!


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