This Morning I am…


….Pondering things to take on an upcoming vacation. My all time favorite trick for vacation planning is to put a big basket in a corner of my house a few weeks before we leave. Every time I think of a random item that I want to make sure we don’t forget, such as swim vests, I go put it in there. By the time vacation gets here, most everything I need to pack is in the basket. Sometimes, in a time crunch, I just take the whole basket with us!


….thinking this New York strip steak is still a little too expensive for us. I would like to grill a nice steak sometime pretty soon since the weather is better in the South. I will be patient, though, the sales will eventually be in my favor.


…..putting this coupon in my wallet so it will be with me when I next visit the Dollar Tree. As the weather warms up, we are sure to experiences a few blisters, scrapes, or scratches so these will come in handy. Especially at the bargain price of 50 cents!

IMG_5171.PNG……looking through these samples I received in the mail from  While I don’t request a lot of the samples I see available,  I like this company pretty well. They offer a box of samples once per year. I get to choose which ones I want, after a brief survey. I don’t pick anything I won’t use.

Soooo….what are you up to today? Do you like some samples? Are you a couponer?

4 thoughts on “This Morning I am…

  1. The vacation basket idea sounds like a good one! I will make a list on paper, but sometimes forget to go back to my list!!!

    I use to be a major couponer and still use them, now many being digital for specific stores. I think it’s great that Dollar Tree takes them, making things a super bargain!

    I’m going to donate blood today, which I do try to do regularly. After that, I need to find gifts for 3 year old great-niece and nephew twins having a birthday this weekend. I’m hoping to get a walk in too. Maybe a little yard work as the weather is good. We’re loving the good weather while we have it here!

    Sorry you can’t have your yard sale because of weather. We don’t need permits for them here. I hope you get to have it soon. Have a great weekend!


  2. I make lists also, but there are those random things that pop in my head that I think about that I can just go drop in the basket and forget about it. It seems to give me less to do the day before leaving. Birthday parties are fun! I have started walking during down times at work and I have to say it makes me feel a lot better even if it’s not much. You enjoy your weekend, too, before it gets too hot!


  3. We never ever bought steak from the supermarket/butcher. Prices never got that much in our favour! We are so lucky now we can source our beef locally. Buying a side of beef in one go is a big thing to do – you have to have room for it in your freezers and you have to come up with some $$ in a lump sum… but if you can manage that, the savings are pretty high. We make that beef last about 8-9 months!


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