Thursday’s Thrifty Three

“Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink”

                                       -Charles Brukowski


I thought this quote about making do with what’s available was quite appropriate for this weeks Thrifty Three post😂. In a similar manner of using what was available, here is a bouquet of weeds☺️.  My kindergartner brought me these today. Overlook her quirky manicure😉.  She had been collecting them while waiting on me to pick her up from school.  The kids don’t know they are weeds and I don’t have the heart to tell them….all they see are the little blooms. I think they are kinda charming, don’t you☺️?


Number One # Make do, but spiff things up a bit.

The above picture is one I took while we were at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store picking up supplies for work. This is a rather nice shower door that my husband and I were lusting after. After doing a few calculations, we decided our little shower curtain was working just fine☺️.


When I got home, I went into my bathroom and began to assess the situation. While I am not quite ready for that walk-in tile shower with a rain fall shower head system and the  drool worthy shower door we saw at Lowe’s…I could make things a bit better.




So here is what we are working with😬…



I grabbed a can of flat black spray paint, went outside and painted the existing rusty shower curtain rod.


Making do doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to improve things we already have just a bit. It does look quite a lot better, eh?





Number Two#  Try a menstrual cup or reusable pads instead of disposables

This is not my actual menstrual cup…because  that would be weird. If you are a man, you might want to skip this section of the post. I use a Luna cup, which is similar to the Diva cup. They send two sizes, small and large, when you order(the small is the unused one pictured). I have had three children so my cervical size(not to be confused with the size of my vagina😀)is accommodated with a large😉. I don’t have any experience with other brands, and since some are made of other materials and are shaped different, I will only reference what I know.

I got my cup a few years ago. It works well for me. Which is more than I can say for tampons or pads. For me, this has been a great investment. I paid around $20 for mine and you can find them even less at times on Amazon. I am saving money each month that I don’t buy a box of tampons. I have saved hundreds of dollars over the past 3 years, not using tampons.

Now, there is a learning curve to using these. It takes a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, it’s worth it. You can keep it inserted up to 10 hours depending on your flow. I will be glad to go into more details if anyone has questions about them in the comments.

Also, if you don’t feel comfortable using an insertable device there are many types of reusable pads available for purchase and even tutorials on how to make your own. Research the different types and read reviews online to make the best informed decision for you.

IMG_5130.PNGNumber Three#  Decorate with things you already have

Now, I know we can’t decorate the entire house with kids artwork…or can we?’s not a bad idea! Okay, okay, …moving on..I do love to see my kids artwork because it makes me smile more than just a regular store bought picture☺️.

I keep this little wire hanger suctioned cupped onto  to the tile behind my stove to hang little things on throughout the year.


During Christmas, it’s usually a sprig of holly. For Valentine’s, it may be a cluster of heart-shaped cookie cutters I tied together with twine.

My house isn’t going to make it into any home magazines any time soon, but it’s very homey to the ones that matter most….the ones that live there❤️. So no matter what you are making do with, try to embrace it and let it be uniquely yours.

Thanks for checking out this weeks Thrifty Three. Do you decorate with stuff you already have? How are you making do in your home?

10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thrifty Three

  1. I remember our daughter giving me bouquets like that. Sweet!

    I’m with you on making what we already have look as nice as possible. Keeping a home clean and organized helps a lot. A little paint does help a lot too!!!

    My kids are grown, but I still have some of their artwork on the walls, and I like that. Our home is comfortable and homey, and I think our visitors feel it.

    No need for menstrual products any more, but I might have given those cups a try back then!


    1. Lucky for you to be done with menstrual products. I wish I could keep my house more tidy. We work a lot, which is an excuse of course but it seems we aren’t home that much. Then when we are, we don’t want to spend the whole time cleaning. I plan to update the bathroom that is in the pictures, later on in the year. In a frugal manner, of course, which will include a fresh coat of paint.


      1. Just wanted to say, my cleaning and organizing comment, and paint comment weren’t geared at all toward what you need to do, just things that I could think of around my house. That the shower curtain bar looks great painted! No, you shouldn’t spend too much time cleaning when you have smaller kids. They grow up too soon and then there’s more time if that’s what you want to spend it on.

        I saw on another blog that you’re having a garage sale this weekend. I hope it goes great for you!!!


      2. Oh, I know what you meant and love your comments…no worries at all☺️. I was just venting about my inability to keep stuff done. My mom lives alone and struggles with it, too, so it must be familial, lol. As for my yardsale, we had to cancel because it’s 60% chance of rain here. Since we would to buy a permit to have one in the city limits, we decided to try again next weekend. Once you buy a permit here, you can’t buy another for several months so if we weren’t able to yardsale due to rain, we couldn’t have another for several months. I really wanted to get it over with…oh well.


  2. I happen to love clover, and that sweet bouquet looks like it has a lot of clover in it.
    Making do….
    We had broken several things that I put on our coffee table for decoration. I finally resurrected that packed away bowl of wooden fruit that had been my mother-in-law’s and which must have been wildly popular as decor sometime in the 50’s or 60’s as I see them in every junk store. They were all brown, on a brown table, so I pulled out my acrylic paints and painted the fruit and the bowl, then gave them a sheen with paste wax. No more breakage.
    I have had, for about five years now, a wooden skewer stuck through tiny eye-screws, to hold a homemade plastic flap in my pet door. The old flap tore up and the plastic frame holding it at the top broke off, so I screwed in the eye-screws, cut two pieces of sheet plastic from the fabric store and ironed two layers together, punched holes in the top to fit over the screws, and held everything in place with the skewer. We keep saying we’re going to replace it, but I have never found another pet door or replacement flap the size of this one, not even online. I had bought it at Home Depot, but they don’t have it, either. So, there my fix stays, in the laundry room. The dog does not care at all.
    The plastic lid to my Crock Pot broke. I found a big round silicone lid that works for my Crock Pot, as a casserole cover, and finally gives me a lid for my cast iron skillet. A replacement plastic lid for my Crock Pot was going to cost me almost as much as a new Crock Pot. I feel I scored all around on that one.


    1. Strangely, I have broke a couple the crock inserts. Like you, I found out it would cost less to buy the whole setup. So yes, you did score! Great idea to paint the fruit and you can stand back and admire your accomplishment on that one.


  3. A can of spray paint is worth its weight in gold. I fix/paint lamps, restoring their usefulness. I have a project going on right now, making a thing in the door to hang wet clothes. I have two items from my daughter hanging in the kitchen and two framed in the den. I have three children and only use these four from the artsy daughter. I am using cracked crockpot crocks to germinate seeds. I sit the little pots in the crock pot crock with the lid on and I have a little nursery. That same daughter brought me hundreds of bouquets that I accepted joyously. No, they were not weeds to her or to me.


    1. Oh, what a great use for the cracked crock! I keep a few basic spray paint colors on hand for minor repairs and redos. Those bouquets make my heart smile. I’m going to enjoy them for as long as they bring them to me.


  4. Love the bouquet! Bee’s don’t care if they are weeds – its very sweet!
    Great job on the curtain rail! We want a new bathroom too… still putting up with the old one. 🙂
    I am glad I don’t have a uterus anymore but the cups are something I would have tried! Less $$ Less waste. Whats not to love?


    1. Lucky for you to not have a uterus. My bathroom needs updating but it will have to wait a bit. Doing little things here and there help. We are about to have to replace the faucet out of necessity, so that should be fun….not!
      Weed bouquets are awesome!


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