Frugal Eyebrow Tips


Being thrifty doesn’t mean I don’t want to look good. Well groomed eyebrows make us appear more neat and less tired. Surely I’m not the only one that looks tired☺️.Getting a professional eyebrow wax can start around $5 and goes up from there, depending on what you get. There are even special eyebrow bars now for us to get a professional eyebrow makeover. I have found a few tricks that work for me that don’t take a lot of money to keep eyebrows tidy at home.


Frugal Drib #1 Wax your eyebrows yourself

Now, I know this is scary for some and that’s okay. A mess-up here could leave you browless, so I get it. I have been waxing my eyebrows for years with the little jar of wax pictured above. I can assure you it’s not really hard to do. It is a small jar that come with a little plastic spatula for application. It can be found at Sally’s beauty Supply or even Walmart. Basically, I separate my eyebrows with a toothpick and smooth the warm, microwaveable wax onto the ones I want to remove. Then with one quick pull after the wax cools, they are gone.

This wax also works well for upper lip hair, guess how I know? It cost around $5 but will last for a long time. Would tweezing  cost less? Of course..but I would rather hurt just the one time than endure all those tiny little stings from pulling one hair at a time.


I know this is not something everyone would be comfortable doing. If you are scared to do this yourself, I suggest putting the wax on yourself and have a friend or spouse pull it off for you. Trust me, they will get a kick out of doing this😀. Read the package directions, be cautious to only get the hairs you want removed in the wax, and test it first on your inner arm to make sure it’s not too hot. I have found toothpicks work great for separating hairs. If you are really terrified, maybe do a test patch on your arm to get a feel for how it works.


Frugal Drib #2 Save your old toothbrushes because they are great to use as an eyebrow brush..and so many other uses that I mentioned in a previous post.


Frugal Drib#3  Use eyeshadow for eyebrow color

Have you noticed that brown eyeshadow looks very similar to brown eye brow powder? I have used this to fill in my brows for years and it works just as well. There are also nice blonde, red and black eyeshadow colors available. Just make sure you buy the matte color. Glittery eyebrows may look a bit odd😉.


Frugal Drib#4 Use a tiny bit of Petroleum jelly to smooth eyebrows

Key word here is tiny. Put a tiny bit on your your finger, smooth over your eyebrows, then brush with a old toothbrush to tame unruly brow hair. Petroleum jelly works for a lot of things but that is a post for another day😉.

Hope you are enjoying this frugal beauty/self care series! What are your favorite eyebrow tricks? Please tell us what’s working for you. If you get a chance, please come check out tomorrows Thursday’s Thrifty Three post!


6 thoughts on “Frugal Eyebrow Tips

  1. Those are some good DIY tips! I’m quite minimal with eyebrow care, just tweezing them and trimming them. To trim, I brush them upwards, then with small scissors cut any longer ones. I do wear brown eye shadow. I’ll have to try it on my brows to see how I like the look!


  2. I have kinda wirey eyebrows that want to do there own thing so I have to tame them a bit, lol. Just use the shadow sparingly is my best advice. I have put it on in the house only to get out to the car in brighter light and have to tone it down a bit, lol. I feel like mine look better a little filled in, especially in the sparse areas.


  3. So I’m not the only one who noticed brown eye shadow and brown brow powder seem amazingly alike?
    I tweeze my brows, but I take the easiest route on them, usually — I wear bangs that mostly cover them.


    1. I guess it’s just another way for companies to try to force us to buy a separate product. I also use a couple dots of lipstick on my cheeks for blush.
      Bangs are so cute! I haven’t had any in years, but I have to admit, thinking of not grooming my brows as much makes me ponder the idea.


  4. Since I cannot see stray eyebrows without my glasses, I have given up on tidy eyebrows. And, I wear bangs. I caught a glimpse of my eyebrows the other day in the sun, and I definitely need to tweeze. Or something. There is a growth in one eyebrow that caused the eyebrow there to stick straight up. Again, the eyeglasses and bangs sort of hide this, but I need to at least plaster down the eyebrow.


    1. I can relate..I have a chicken pox scar….you know, from back when kids actually got chicken pox? … right in the center of one of my eyebrows. I use the brow stuff to fill in the blank spot a bit. Bangs and glasses are a great camouflage! Actually, it’s now kinda trendy to have bushier eyebrows. Which kinda sucks for all the people that over plucked in the 90’s causing permanently thin brows.


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