Thrift Finds Part 2 …and a painted rock

If you missed the first part of the thrift finds post, please have a peek . It is particularly, weirdly cool😎. I know, I know…stop saying cool..because it’s not cool anymore. My oldest daughter’s words are ringing in my head. Old habits die hard.


I got this cute little Disney bag at the thrift store. It’s the perfect size for a camera, phone, a little bit of money, a protein bar, maybe a travel sized tube of sunscreen, and a tube of chapstick..Who am I kidding? As soon as the kids see this,  they will take ownership of it and I will never see it again☺️. I paid $1 for this with my 30% discount.

Frugal Drib#1 Thrift stores are filled with low priced Disney gear. Basically, any character or vacation destination gear can be found at a thrift store. Sometimes they are brand new with tags! So buy them now and take them with you when you go on vacation.


I have been searching for a cheer uniform for my middle daughter  can pass hers on to my youngest daughter, since it is too small. I frequently run across these at the thrift stores.  This one was $6.98. Since I got 30% off and it was 1/2 price, I paid a little over $3 for a nice flawless, cheer uniform. Have you ever had to buy one of these at regular price? 😳 #Shocking


I got my youngest this cute little shirt. She has some bright pink pants that she doesn’t have much to wear with, so this will work great. This is Flapdoodles brand. She has some other things made by this company and I love the quality and fun designs they have.

Frugal Drib# 2 Right before checking out at the thrift store, take a moment to really look over the things you plan to purchase. Look for stains or holes you may have missed at first glance. So many times this last little skim over will turn up things that I missed. While I love second hand clothing, if the quality is poor or it has flaws, we won’t get a lot of wear out of it.


My daughter was having a particularly cruddy day today. She said something pretty mean to her sister so, of course, she got in trouble for it. Also, someone at school told her that her camera that she making out of craft supplies was ‘not all that great’. So she was pretty down🙁. She was walking with me into the store when she spotted this bright yellow,  painted rock in a corner. That little brown haired, pony-tailed head that had been hanging low just seconds earlier, perked right up! So thank you to all the people out there that take time to do special things like this. You are making differences for others!

I hope you enjoyed this thrift post. Have you found any painted rocks lately?

4 thoughts on “Thrift Finds Part 2 …and a painted rock

  1. Great thrift store finds! I remember Amy D’ s advice about finding souvenirs before you travel, and I remember doing that on our first trip to Disneyland. I do remember our daughter crying about wanting an $88 Belle dress there though!

    Checking things over to make sure they are still in good shape is great advice. At our Goodwill Bins ( the outlets), I have forgotten to do that in the past, and find what’s wrong when I get home, which is a little too late!! It’s not a huge loss, since it’s a per pound price there, but still a little annoying when I forget.

    That Flappadoodles shirt is cute! Our daughter had an adorable outfit by them that her paternal grandparents got her for her birthday when she was about 5.

    Just last week we were in a nearby smaller town meeting friends for lunch, and we came upon some painted rocks with one painted saying “take a rock, leave a rock”. I thought that was so cute, kind of like a “little rock library”.


  2. We did a Disney trip and all of my kids Disney clothes were yardsale or thrifted Disney stuff! It’s hard to avoid the Disney merchandise on vacation. I try to purposely find ways to avoid going in. Like I will say why don’t we go eat instead or look how long the lines are in the store. Whatever I can do to keep my kids out, lol. You are right, even if you get something for a few pennies and you get it home and find it too stained to wear, it sours the deal a bit. We used to paint rocks and leave them places but sorta got out of the habit. I plan to do it again for a summer project.


  3. I love to buy thrift shore shirts that say Gulf Shores, Pensacola Beach, Disney, etc. places I actually go to and have seen! Great finds on the Disney stuff!


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