Library Dribble


Doesn’t this look fun? This is our local library. I like to bring my kids here to get books and mostly so they stay familiar with coming to the library. Ours is visually stimulating and even has nice well-made toys and games for the kids to play with while I browse. I am thankful for this because I know some towns have tiny libraries….which have their own special charm, too!


They even have a small computer area with children’s games on them to support education.


There aren’t many things about the library that I can tell you that you probably haven’t heard before. The main reason I stopped at my library today was to share something that really helped me as a mother.

Two of my children struggle with reading. Reading has come naturally for one of my children and myself.  In the past, I have been on a frantic search for ways to make reading click for my other two. I can’t describe how difficult it is to watch my children struggle with this🙁. Especially, when one child excels. While I’m so proud of her, I ache for the other two. Motherhood is tough!

I found a little trick that has really helped one of my kids become a better reader. I went to the library and got one of my childhood favorites by Beverly Cleary. Then I found the corresponding audiobook.


After many sleepless hours researching reading problems, I found a tip from a fellow mom buried deep in the comment section of an article that suggested doing this. The child can hear the words as they read along. At first try, this did not work well for my daughter.

A slow reader can’t follow along as fast as the story is being read to them. She quickly became frustrated and I began to feel helpless🙁. I felt as though my great plan caused her to be discouraged. The last thing I wanted was to cause more pain and feelings of inadequacy😟

A couple days later, on her own and because she was still interested in the Ramona Quimby story,  my daughter started listening to the audiobook for a few minutes before bed each night..instead of reading. Then a few days after, when she picked the book back up, she was able to recognize those words from memory, without that stress of trying to follow along☺️. This was where her reading improvement started. She now reads at a third grade level, which is the grade she is in, so we are both happy☺️. I’m so proud that she is finally where she is supposed to be and I know how hard she had to work to get here. Of course, I am her biggest fan😀!

I know there more sophicated programs and online services out there that have similar ideas. I liked the simplicity of a cd and book for my daughter. Also, we have poor wifi at my house. Anything we can do without using internet is best for us. Lots of the Beverly Cleary books have a corresponding audiobook. I also noticed that Amelia Bedelia and Goosebumps books did, too, so that might be fun😉. I also like that they can be rechecked as out as many times as we needed, so there’s no pressure .

I hope if you read this post and know someone who has a struggling early reader you will pass this information along. Sometimes it just takes approaching learning from a completely different way to make the concept click. When my daughter heard the story without the book, somehow it was committed to memory. Kinda like when we remember words to songs. It also took the stress away of having to dissect those words.  Since she knew which words were supposed to come next, she could easily see them in the book.

I love the library and have more library posts coming in the future. I hope you enjoy them and are having a great weekend☺️!





3 thoughts on “Library Dribble

  1. What a nice looking library! One of my two children struggled with reading and it was frustrating for both of us. I will remember this post for anyone I know that could use the info in the future. Beverly Cleary books were some of my favorites as a child too!


  2. Thanks! We do have a nice library. It’s a special treat to visit. Its the best thing I have found and I wished I would have found it sooner. I love the Amelia Bedelia books, too, and so do my kids.


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