A few Thrift finds


I am filling in the blanks of my kids summer wardrobes.  I don’t have the best thrift shops in my immediate area. As a matter of fact, while in the local thrift store today, I over heard a lady remark about how the prices are continuing to rise. Unfortunately, I think she may be right. I did happen to find a few decent deals. Blue ticket items were half price and I was able to qualify for an emergency personnel discount by showing my CPR card and nursing badge. Note to self**remember to keep those in the car if they are going to save me money! I like this brand of clothing pictured above. It is Naartijie kids. I have got my kids this brand before. They are unique and hold up well. At half price and 30% off, I got it for just under $2.


This cute Guess sundress was marked $5.98. Luckily, I got it for less than $3 or they would have had to keep it😉. I do think it’s really cute and made very well.

And then there’s this….😬

IMG_5006.PNGFrugaldribble, why did you buy this rediculis naked doll?  Well, I do have a very good reason. This is a Mal doll from Disney’s Descendants which is my youngest daughter’s favorite show.

I know she has no clothes,  but she doesn’t need any. I am putting this doll in the center of my daughter’s homemade birthday doll cake so loads of lavender-pinkish frosting will become her dress. I’m doing a post on it so I hope you will check back in for that in a few weeks. I plan to give some step-by-step instructions and cost breakdown. I am on a mission to take the fear out of homemade birthdays cakes😉. Anyway, it should be a fun post. 

My  daughter will never know this doll came out of a pile of naked, plastic-bagged, BarbiesThe best part? …I paid around $2.00 for it with my discount.

I know what you all are thinking! Don’t fret.. I will be sanitizing this doll very well before she goes into a cake that will go into my families mouths. I will also be wrapping her body in a layer of cling wrap just in case. I always wrap the doll body in cling wrap when I make doll cakes because it makes them so much easier to clean when the party is over. Most purchased cake decorations never get washed, by the way. I mean, have you just ever considered that they may not even completely wash all that fruit that adorns a grooms cake. I have two words… squirrel poop..blegh🤢. Wait, I haven’t seen a grooms cake in awhile..do they even make those anymore? ….Ok..moving on…


This is a Jelly the Pug brand shirt. They are pretty expensive and popular in my area. I paid less than $3 for it. There happens to be some crop pants hanging in my middle daughter’s closet that will go perfectly with this.

Frugal Drib: Shop off season at thrift stores. I am going back to the thrift store soon because I quickly browsed the winter section and it was bursting with quality, high end items. We are heading into summer in my area. This means people are ridding themselves of unwanted winter clothes. I have found that most people don’t shop off season, so the selection right now is awesome☺️.

If you enjoyed this post, I have a second thrift store post coming soon, when I can get a few more pictures. Do you have great thrift stores in your area? What has been some of your best deals?


6 thoughts on “A few Thrift finds

  1. I love thrift shops. I buy clothes for my Grandchildren all the time. Toys sometimes but I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase something if it looked good. I buy things for my kitchen also. I have trouble finding clothes for me but I do look and have found some great deals. I love the doll cake idea. I would love to do one for my Grandgirl so I’ll look forward to that post!


    1. I’ve got brand new toys, in the box sometimes, it’s rare though. I don’t find many clothes for myself. It’s easier to find kids clothes. I’m excited to to do the doll cake. I have made my other girls doll cakes. This is the first I will have made for youngest… should be fun!


  2. The clothes you found are cute!! Thrift stores are the best! We have a good selection of them here. One of my favorites is Value Village. When you donate to them, you can get discount coupons to use in the store. My daughter was interested in a food dehydrator, and I was able to find one there for $5. When we opened up the worn looking box, it was an unused one, which we were really excited about. As a young adult who will soon be getting an apartment, she has learned what great things you can find secondhand.

    Another great find was a Ninja blender system at a different thrift store. Again, my daughter was talking about getting one in the future, as her older cousin recommended it. I found one, new in the box marked $75 and I had a 20% off coupon for that store. On Amazon the same thing is $159, and she got it for $60. Again, we were really excited about that find. She has a good job, but rents are high here, so it will help her money go much further.

    Keep the thrift store/garage sale posts coming. They’re always fun to read!


  3. Great finds! I love my Ninja blender. I got mine as a gift. It works as well as some of the higher end ones. I wish we had more thrift choices here. You have to be willing to dig for the diamonds in the rough!


    1. My mom used to make dresses for me when I was a kid. She says it costs too much to make clothes now. I get a lot of great yardsale clothes, too. I wished I could find myself clothes as easily as I find clothes for them.


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