Thurday’s Thrifty Three

If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn

Andrew Mason


Number One: Seek out free kids vitamins

I get my kids free vitamins(pictured above) from a free vitamin program at a local pharmacy. Some areas have free vitamin programs for kids, up to a certain age, but you have to look for them.

The free vitamin program is a way for our local pharmacy to get business. It’s a win for them and us☺️. I simply call ahead then pick them up monthly..easy, peasy. Call your local pharmacies, health department,  or google ‘free vitamin program’ to see what’s available in your area.

Some think vitamins are worthless….and they could be. We won’t get into all the specifics of that here. There is plethora of information out there to persuade us either way.  For my family, I think it’s a good idea to take them. Sometimes my kids..even myself, don’t eat enough vegetables, drink enough milk, etc….We don’t always eat the recommended daily dietary requirements. It’s easy enough to take a vitamin to hopefully help fill in gaps.



Number two: Who decided weeds were weeds?

I was reading an article on weeds. The author was describing how much of a nuisance weeds are.  She described how ugly dandelions are then ways to eliminate them. I guess they would appear out of place on golf course😉.

All of my kids, at various times, have picked me small bouquets of what most people consider to be weeds. In childish innocence, my kids saw them as pretty little flowers☺️. I really didn’t think they were so bad either😉.

Dandelion leaves are edible. Anything that could be used to sustain life during the apocalypse, can’t be all bad, right? During the Depression era, families would pick dandelion leaves to use in salads and other dishes.

I recommended you check out an interesting woman named Clara on Youtube.  She is a 94 year-old woman who presents some of her Depression era recipes for all of us to enjoy. Her dandelion salad recipe includes simple lemon juice and olive oil drizzled over super clean, fresh, dandelion leaves. I have never tried this, but it looks like a great side dish! She is a pleasure to watch, so if you haven’t seen her before, check it out.

Did you know dandelion flowers can also be made into a yellow wine? I don’t like wine, but if we were in an apocalypse, I may need to drink a little😉. If you have never tried eating them, the leaves are less bitter when they are small.

Honestly, I’m not one to eat them. If food were scarce, I would be glad that they are so difficult to exterminate😉. Also, if you do try them, pick from a pesticide-free area….and,  of course, wash well to avoid sickness from microscopic squirrel poop💩.


Okay, okay…..I know random weeds in the middle of an otherwise perfectly manicured lawn can be viewed as a nuisance and unsightly……..I do get it. Call me weird,  but I kinda enjoy whatever wild, random flowers or weeds pop up. They have a special unbridled beauty about them. Who doesn’t remember blowing these as a child? Would you miss them if you never saw them again? Okay, okay..moving on….

IMG_4993.JPGNumber three: A sale is not always a sale

I was browsing through local ads and saw this one for 99cent drinks. Do they think I forgot they were 77 cents the first week of April? Do they think we believe this is a super great price? The answer is…yes, and they are counting on it.

While I know soft drinks are a bad idea, my husband has a Diet Coke addiction, so I keep my eyes peeled for the best price. It is a non-negotiable in my home.

I have a price point of regularly consumed items.  The first of April, I bought several diet Cokes, because 77 cents is as low as they get in my area for 2 liters. They are often priced at $1.77 for just one at the local dollar store….So running out can be costly😬.

Hey Frugaldribble, wouldn’t it be cheaper to drink water?   The answer is yes. The healthiest and most economical thing to drink is water…but….since I am in this partnership called marriage, we are compromising☺️❤️.

I keep my eyes peeled for sales on Diet Coke then I stock up with comfortable, non hoard-like,  amounts to avoid spoilage. Also, my husband has started to drink store brands of soda at work, which cost alot less. He doesn’t like them as well but if they are super cold, he can’t tell much difference☺️.

Just two more cute little things ☺️…


My crappy photography doesn’t do these justice. My youngest daughter’s birthday is in May. While we don’t spend lots of money on birthdays, we give something meaningful.  These well-crafted bunnies were made by Sonia over at She happens to be the daughter of Kristen at The Frugal Girl, but is making quite a business for herself.

I was proud to support Sonia because I think this is a really neat idea. These were crafted for a kid, by a kid. I think that’s special. It sets a good example for my girls, who are a bit younger. It proves that, even at a young age, they can achieve goals and do amazing things. I can see the wheels in their heads turning……I also see a trip to the craft store in my future😉. *note to self- must collect craft coupons*

Sonia includes a little note with each one so that makes them extra special. The quality is impressive, yet still shows charming touches of a homemade craft. She adds extra embellishments, such as little buttons on the clothes. They arrived bigger than I expected, which was a nice surprise. I never asked how big they would be, so my expectations were smaller. You can’t tell from my picture, but the green sweater even has a cute little hood on it. You know… case the bunny ears get cold🙂.

I think you would enjoy browsing Sonia’s creations. I think she keeps a few things made, but sells them pretty fast. If you want to order something special, I suggest giving her advance notice.

I hope you all enjoy the Thrifty Three series. Do you have any non-negotiable items? How do you make it work? Do you secretly kind of like some weeds or do you find them to be a nuisance like most? What do you think of those cute bunnies?


6 thoughts on “Thurday’s Thrifty Three

  1. We have a one-a-day Coke drinker in the family, my husband, who doesn’t drink coffee, so he drinks that at lunchtime every day. I try to stock up when on sale too, every once in awhile reluctantly having to pay a bit more .

    I spent part of yesterday pulling weeds. We have one kind growing now that as you pull it, it throws off its seeds!! I was telling myself nature sure had a good idea for that plant living on. I think I planted thousands of that weed’s seeds as I pulled those plants!

    Those bunnies are so adorable! I saw them over at FG and wondered who I could buy them for. I agree with you, supporting a young person’s business is wonderful, and those bunnies and other things she makes are precious! Your daughter will love them.


  2. I know exactly those weeds you are talking about that throw off seeds. It’s like they are meant to be there, lol. My husband doesn’t drink coffee either so Diet Coke is his caffeine fix. I can’t wait to give the kids those bunnies. I hate that I have to wait!


  3. I like the wild flowers that bloom in my lawn — dandelions, wood violets, rattlesnake weed, chickweed, phlox, and others. I say, let ’em grow. What I DON’T like is the sand spurs that will take over if we aren’t careful. They aren’t pretty, they catch on everything, tangle up a dog or cat’s fur so badly that it has to be cut off, and hurt like the dickens if stepped on. Those, I pull, burn, dig, or whatever I can do, if I see them in my yard. I’ve heard they can be edible, but I’m going to have to be starving to go there.
    That Coke sale reminds me of a peanut butter sale our local store had — buy one, get one free for $4.39. Except I knew for a fact that one jar was normally priced at $3.09. So the second was hardly free, just on sale. And I could get the same size jar at another store for $2.08.
    I love the bunnies. I’m thinking about something like that for some little girls I am especially fond of!


    1. It’s good to know that some aren’t so weed phobic. Yes, the peanut butter is all over the place in price so I stock up a little when I get a good deal. I wanted the bunnies for Easter but waited too long to order so a birthday gift is perfect.


  4. I only buy sprite or 7up to keep for upset tummies. NO other sodas in the house. I love love the bunnies. My little Grand girl would love one so I’ll check out her site. Keep on keeping thrifty, you inspire me!


    1. Thanks so much, Linda! I do get Sprite sometimes, like when they are 77 cents! Your grand girl will adore the bunny. There are other animals she might like better..check it out. I love hearing that I inspire ❤️. In my world, I mostly just hear is “what’s for dinner?”


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