This Morning I Am…


IMG_4961.JPGEnjoying my hummus freebie for breakfast while browsing the sale papers. I wrote a few days ago about a complaint I submitted for a flawed Sabra product. The company made it right. I sent them some pics and more information, and my faith in the company is renewed….delish!


Kicking myself because my mom purchased this whole box of various outlet covers at a yardsale for such a great deal. I saw them first but I didn’t need them. Unforunately, my husband and I bought all brand new covers recently with a few to spare. I’m glad she was able to get such a great deal though☺️!


Emptying the little garbage can that lives beside my dryer filled with lint. Even though I think fireplace weather is gone in my area, it will be back soon enough. I save this flame-hearty stuff all summer by squishing it in a decorative container for the next winter.


Wondering why my family got this huge Mother’s Day card for me today?? Don’t look at your calendars, folks. You aren’t losing your mind, it’s still April😂. Were they afraid they would forget, so they got it over with early? I tried to be gracious and give hugs all around when I opened it, but it….Are they going on a secret vacation without me next month😟? Am I not going to be here in May😬? I guess they just wanted to surprise me with something. But just in case, if you don’t hear back from me….call 911😂.

What are you up to this morning?

6 thoughts on “This Morning I Am…

  1. I’m wondering about the early (VERY early) Mother’s Day Card but hey they sent one! I’m thinking about the work I need to do around the house today. Run the dishwasher, laundry and take Mom to the Dr later this afternoon. At least the rain has moved on and it’s sunny out.


    1. About the card…I just broke down and asked my husband why so early. He said it was my youngest daughter’s idea, and since she has no concept of time, I guess I’m not on a hit list after all.


  2. Haha….my guess is your little daughters just couldn’t wait to give you that card!

    It’s suppose to be 84 degrees here toady, and 56 and rainy by Friday, so I’m hoping to get some yard work done while it’s nice out. I also have things to drop off at Value Village, which is the organization I like to donate to. My husband and I are somewhat retired, sometimes busy taking care of family rental property, and sometimes not so busy.

    I’m planning to get a walk in today, as that’s my favorite form of exercise. We live in a somewhat hilly area, so walking can be a pretty good workout.

    I told my niece I would hem her prom dress and it’s a chiffon layer over two under layers. I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but I need to do that soon as the prom is in a week and a half! Oh, and she asked if I could add a slit to the front. I’m a little terrified to cut open the skirt of the dress. I can’t mess it up!! She got it for no charge from Abby’s Closet, but still she is counting on wearing it.


  3. Oh my, sewing that dress sounds nerve wracking! I only sew when I have to because I’m not that good at it. The chiffon seems like it would be tedious to work with. It will be fine as long as you can take your time. Let me know how it turns out! I love to walk for exercise to but I don’t do it enough. There was a large snake on my deck yesterday so be careful doing yard work!


  4. I am a little anxious about the dress, but my sister asked, and I couldn’t say no. Yes, I will give it a lot of time. I have sewn for a long time, enjoy it for the most part, now doing mainly simple projects and repairs or minor alterations.

    I think if I came across a snake of any kind in my yard, I might have a hard time ever getting back out to do yard work! We seem to have just small ones around here, and in more open areas. We’re in a subdivision, so haven’t seen any in the yard, thank goodness!


    1. I live on a lake so I guess I asked for this snake problem. You sister asked you because she knows your abilities so no worries. Actually enjoying sewing means everything. It’s going to be beautiful!


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