A few good things..


Does anyone have one of these? I think these are a super good deal. For $2 you can buy this hang tag for your key ring and it will allow you to get free frosty’s for one year!

I like to reward my children for good behavior or good grades with an occasional treat and this is perfect. It’s for a junior size frosty, so it’s the perfect size to indulge in a little treat without going overboard. It cost us $.97 for 2 frosty’s that really made my kids afternoon.


We kinda lucked up today. The car in front of us drove off and they had ordered 2 small frostys (the junior size is much more tiny). The Wendy’s employee asked us if we would mind taking the bigger size Frosty……um…She might as well said we had won lottery judging by my kids reaction…..heck, yeah! ….I mean ….yes, please☺️.


I don’t routinely send my kids to school in pajamas, although that would be easy. Just roll out of bed, brush teeth, and go☺️!  Today was pajama day at school to reward the kids completing state testing this week.

Frugal Drib:

If you decide to buy one of these, the earlier in the year you get it, the more bang for your buck! They make a great addition to a gift for a college kid or teenager…. Or a mother/grandmother..ask me how I know?☺️

If interested, give your local Wendy’s a call before heading down there. Not all of them sell these and they may not be available all times of the year.

By the way, proceeds for this purchase will go to the Dave Thomas foundation to find homes for foster children, so I think it’s well worth the purchase. I’m not affiliated with Wendy’s of course, as I am such a tiny little bleep on the internet radar…actually, I’m not even a bleep…more of a dust particle😂. I do love a good cause, though.


Hey Frugaldribble..do you think you are the first person to ever mention this Wendy’s tag? Nope…..I’m probably not, because they are awesome and have been around for awhile….I am just now getting around to owning one myself this year…..Hey, sometimes it takes me awhile to warm up to something…. Remember, I’m the weirdo who never got facebook🙂?

I think it’s important to say that sometimes things I mention, are not brand new ideas. I like to think sometimes something new can be found here. Maybe you can take something good from these words or they remind you of something you forgot about.

I am often reminded that people are not like computers, thumb drives, memory sticks, etc….We just simply forget or get into a routine, then stop doing things that make big differences. Like packing lunch instead of eating out.



How many frugal blogs have you read that told you to pack your lunch to save many?

I have read several myself, but positive reinforcement makes me think about it once more. Sometimes, once more is the exact little push we need to make that small difference that add up to bigger changes. So if I say something you have heard before, hopefully it’s the little nudge you needed and if it’s not…then just know it’s me holding myself accountable…so try to see the good in it☺️.


I posted, several posts ago, that my cat had kittens and all of the issues that go along with that, so I won’t revisit it, but I did need a small cage. I started researching the costs of cages online and was dreading that purchase.

I began to think of all the people I know that have had pets, lost pets, gave away pets, etc…It’s stands to reason that if I know so many people that fit into this category, then some of them are bound to have a old cage sitting somewhere. It didn’t have to be new or even nice, I just needed a cage for a temporary time.

After talking to a few people, I had given up and was heading to the pet store when a friend of mine called to get our kids together for a playdate. I told her I was heading to the store for a small cage. She said she had one in her yard from one of her family’s rental homes but it was pretty dirty. I said that was no problem, I will be glad to clean it. So I did, and while it isn’t the best looking cage, it’s working just fine.

If you need something, talk to people about it. The more people you talk to, the more likely you are to find someone that wants to rid themselves of things. Oh, and if you do borrow something, like mom always says..Return it better than when you got it☺️.

8 thoughts on “A few good things..

  1. I love that happy frosty eating smile! I haven’t heard of that promotion at our Wendy’s, but I just might be unaware. That’s a nice way to help a cause and get a treat!

    Your blog is great for learning new tricks, and reminding me of old tricks. There is no way that everything can apply to everyone, but I want you to know how much I have been enjoying reading all of your posts and being inspired by them!

    That was great that you were able to get the pet cage from a friend. It makes me happy to be on both the receiving end and the giving end of that. There is so much stuff out there in the world that goes unused much of the time, or gets thrown away when it still is useable. Kudos to you for making do with what’s available!


  2. It’s so great to hear from you! I’m glad we ordered vanilla frosty’s because chocolate is my weakness. I wished I could give more of my stuff to people that could use it. The freecycle in my area is under utilized for some reason. Thanks so much for the kind words.


  3. I do see the same suggestions on frugal blogs, but it’s always a good reminder so keep it up. My Wendy’s sold out of the tag but I hope I might get one next year if I can remember. Oh that’s another problem…LOL!!


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