Little Free Library



I hope that these cute little boxes of goodness have made it to your area❤️. If not, you could start your own for a new adventure. It is such a special treat to be able to take a little gander inside and see what literary goodness awaits.

I find such random gems in these and so do my kids. I love the regular library, but these have a special charm. These are books that someone has picked out,determined to be worthy of reading, then passed along. Consider it a gift from a stranger! The choice is limited so it’s easier to find the good little nuggets than a larger library. Like this for example..


I started reading this one last night and I am enjoying it. So far the author has taken me back to my childhood as there are so many similarities between hers and mine. Most notably, the big hair with the copious amounts of hairspray back in the day.  It’s like there was a contest to see which girl had the biggest hair😂! Check it out, if you get a chance. Also, this is a signed copy which gives it special charm. IMG_4921.JPG

I also picked up this freaky book because we live on a lake and since summer is around the corner,  I need a refresher course in snake description….😬😬😬


Just look at all the entertainment possibilies here. IMG_4928.JPG

If you get a chance, visit Little Free Library dot org and you can look at some of the neat things happening with these all over the world. They range from simple homemade wooden boxes to elaborate works of art. Some people are even putting special things inside such as dog treats, school supplies, scarfs, gloves, or even gift cards! I personally love them and I hope if you haven’t browsed in one before, you will take a peek.

I can’t say all this without mentioning to pay it forward. If you get a book, return one. I try to find special books to put inside like signed copies or with messages in the cover from the gifter. My kids frequently get a book with a Happy Birthday message in it from someone’s beloved aunt or a bible verse. So much cooler than a brand new book from Barnes and Noble☺️.

Do you have a local Little Free Library? Do you use it? Have you ever found any non-book items inside?

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