Grill Secrets Plus a Freebie


I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t love the lure of smelling food being cooked on a charcoal grill. There is something about the that flavor that gets me every time.

My husband has a super nice, huge grill that is never used. Why you ask? Because it’s a waste of money. When using a large grill, a larger amount of charcoal is used to cook the food. This is ok for feeding a crowd but everyday use for us would be wasteful.


We use this smaller,  simple charcoal grill that I got for $10. Do you see how many burgers fit on there? It’s uses a small amount of charcoal, does a great job, and can be put in the trunk to carry anywhere. Oh, and see that foil at the left bottom of the picture? You can crumple that up and it makes a great grill grate scrubber!

Did you know that you can use the same charcoal multiple times?

You can!…we do this all the time. When a wooden stick is burned some, then put out, there is still stick left, right?  The same applies to charcoal. If there are still sizeable bits of charcoal left,  which is basically compressed sawdust, they will still light up and cook food☺️.

Frugal Drips:

As soon as you finish cooking your food, put the lid back on the grill to snuff out the fire as soon as possible. This will keep your charcoal from burning up as fast.

After the charcoal cools, shake the grill so the excess ash will fall through to the bottom to empty. This will leave the residual good charcoal that’s ready to use.



I used to be one of those people that never wrote to a company about anything. In fact, I hardly ever do now. When I find some of my favorite products to be less than desired, I’m disappointed and want someone to know about it. So many times quality products, slowly slip into the abyss of poorly made crap.

I love Sabra hummus! I have tried other brands and they just aren’t as good. I have also tried making hummus myself and it’s just ok. However, I do have a recipe I am planning to try in the future and when I do, if it’s good, I will post it.

Due to a morning time constraint, I bought one of those cute little packages of Sabra hummus that has the perfect amount of pretzels on top for breakfast.

I will eat hummus at any time! As a matter of fact, hummus is routinely eaten for meals in other parts of the country in the same manner as we eat oatmeal…with a spoon! So I’m not so weird after all. Now will someone please inform my family😉?

When I opened my pretzels, they were all broken up😩. How am I supposed to dip my hummus with pretzel bits? So, I wrote a quick email with pictures and product information to the company. They sent me a nice letter with hummus coupons. I see from these coupons that Sabra now makes a tzatziki dip. I have that on my radar of things to try when I get a chance. So….good advertising and customer service, Sabra! Oh, and I am in no way affiliated with Sabra and it’s laughable that I even mentioned this😂.

Do you like hummus? Have you tried that tzatziki dip? Do you reuse charcoal or have any grill secrets to share?

One thought on “Grill Secrets Plus a Freebie

  1. We’re having some nice weather these last few days, so we grilled burgers for dinner yesterday. They were so good! That’s a good tip on the benefits of a smaller grill.

    Our whole family enjoys hummus. I’ve been making it from scratch lately, and it seems to be well accepted. (Our two young adult kids live with us for the time being.) That’s nice that Sabra sent you the coupons. That’s a reminder to me to send an email when a product I’m use to is less than par!


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