Weeknight no-skewer Kabobs

Hey Frugaldribble, Kabobs without skewers aren’t kabobs. Okay, okay..you got me..but I bet you won’t miss the skewer☺️.


I love kabobs! Many days during the spring and summer, I serve grilled kabobs.

While, I love kabobs, I don’t love the prep. If there are many different types of vegetables and meats to skewer, someone is stuck in the kitchen for awhile…..usually me🙁.
I can’t take credit for this genius meal idea. My mom was the one who decided to sometimes ditch the skewer. She called me insisting that I try making them exactly the same way we do for our family BBQ’s…but without the grill and without the skewers. I was hooked…..Maybe you will be too☺️!


You will notice these pictures are lacking a few ingredients. My family kept complaining about how hungry they were so I had to hurry…imagine that☺️.I just snapped a few pictures and will try to fill in the blanks the best I can. Thank goodness this is truly not a recipe. It’s basically BBQ sauce drizzled over smoked sausage, pineapples chunks, and fresh vegetables….there.. recipe done!

A few tips:
1. Arrange your veggies and sausage in a single layer on a sheet pan. Mine is slightly crowded so I poured some off the liquid off before I added the BBQ sauce. Overcrowding will cause too much moisture to stay in the pan.This will not give the browning that resembles a grilled dish. It’s better to use two(or three!!) pans than to crowd the food☺️.
2. While I try to limit my use of foil, this is a time I prefer to. The BBQ sauce is super sticky and since I will cook at 450 degrees, to mimic the high heat of a grill,  it can become glued to your pan😬. My husband and I will be eating the leftovers tomorrow for lunch, so I will be reusing this foil. It’s a little less wasteful since we will use the same foil twice.
3. My family loves Sweet Baby Ray’s brand BBQ sauce. Like a lot of non-vinegar based BBQ sauces, it has a high sugar content. I prefer to let everything cook for about 15 minutes by itself. Then I apply the drizzle of sticky, yummy, BBQ sauce and cook about 10 more minutes. If not, it can easily burn….not. good.🙁.


This is delicious and could be served over rice to stretch it even farther. You could also use this as a great opportunity to eat less meat by simply adding more vegetables and less smoked sausage. Or use a less sweet BBQ sauce, if you prefer.  I especially love the chunks of sweet pineapple with the salty smoked sausage. I used canned here, but fresh pineapple would be delicious. My family loves a darker browning, but if you don’t, then just cook a little less time.

Not having to fire up the grill makes this a great meal for any day, especially if you are like me and have no cover over your deck. I should have called these rainy day kabobs😂

I recommend making more than you think you will need, as the veggies will shrink a bit while cooking….and seriously… it’s just that good!  I hope you will consider ditching the skewer sometime and let me know what you think☺️.


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