Thursday’s Thrifty Three with a couple bonuses!

❤️   Frugality without creativity is deprivation

Amy Dacyczyn


I am reminded of a story in The Tightwad Gazette of Amy cutting one bad leg off a pair of pantyhose, then putting a second pair over the first with a good leg to make a full pair…genius!

It also made me think of how far ahead of her time she was. Can you imagine the nice tummy toning compression the double layer of panty hose had? She practically invented a compression garment, not that she ever needed one, on the cheap!

Personally, since I am getting older with each passing day, I miss pantyhose a bit. I miss the flaw concealing abilities when I want to look nice. I know they are still available, but no one wears them much anymore. Okay, okay..rant over….moving on..

I am really enjoying the Thursday’s Thrifty Three series. It is making me jot down things to remember, keeping me accountable, and is thought provoking.  I encourage you all to brainstorm and see what you can come up with to continue to enrich your life through…well…thrift☺️.


Number one: When you do have to make a purchase,  look..and then…look again.

See the two beach towels above? Which one would you choose if you needed one? I picked the one that was priced at $4 instead of $6. Sometimes store employees make errors. I don’t want to take advantage of anyone, so I did ask why one $4 and the rest were $6. The clerk assured me that they were in the process of markdowns and it was okay for me to go ahead and purchase at the $4 price. So I did!


Number two: If you really, really want something, don’t buy it!……. at least not right now.

Have you ever found that just a little time will keep you from purchasing something you don’t really need? I have mentioned before that my grandmother would often give things a ride around the store in a cart, only to put them back on the shelf later on. I thought this was a great way to decide if you need an item preventing buyer’s remorse.

So many times if I take time to think, I won’t buy it at all. I find that sometimes it’s good to just close the screen, leave the store, hang up the phone(do we even hang up phones anymore??!!)…and do what I like to call  ‘let it marinate'(hey, I’m Southern, it’s all about the food here)………..or ruminate.. or whatever you prefer to call it.

Maybe, call a friend or family member to take your mind off whatever it is. I find that if I put some time and space in between me and that new, well made, designer purse that rhymes with Roach….. it becomes less important to me. FYI, I do not own any Roach purses.



Number Three: Holidays and events are going to come around again, if we continue to live, so keep a few supplies on hand so you won’t have to buy things at regular price.

I’m not to the point of not wrapping gifts yet. That would be the best way to reduce waste. The dog gift bag pictured, with the tissue paper in it, was given to me from a friend who’s elderly mom had passed away. He gave me her entire life’s collection of gifting supplies. While it was amazing to look at and I was grateful, I just couldn’t store all of it. I carefully selected some items that would work most holidays for boys, girls, men, and women. Then I passed the rest along to others that I knew would use them.

While I may have given away supplies that I could use in the future, if I store them all, they would take up too much space.Then they would become disorganized and I wouldn’t be able to find the appropriate bag when I needed it. This Hallmark dog bag has a price sticker on it of $3.49!… What a pricey bag, eh?

In case you were wondering, my daughter attended a boy’s birthday party this past weekend. We gave him the spider man beach towel in the dog bag, if you haven’t figured that out yet. Don’t worry….I’m not a total prude…I included some play dough just for fun😉!

I wanted to include a couple bonus Frugal dribs in this addition of Thursday’s Thrifty Things….hope you enjoy.


Bonus Drib# 1  You may have money that you didn’t even know you had.

This is just one of several sheets of names from my local newspaper of people that have money sitting somewhere that they don’t even know about. I went on a website called Missing Money last year and my husband’s name was on there! After sending them a little more information, in a few short weeks, he received a check in the mail. Now, it wasn’t enough to pay off a mortgage, but was still nice. The website will tell you if it is over $100 and in my opinion, if it is, that is worth the small amount of legwork you have to do to get your money.

It usually involves making copies of your driver’s license and getting a paper notorized to make sure it is going to the right person. I’m sure if there is a death involved or maybe a lot more money, it may take more leg work than this. I encourage you to spend a few minutes and get on the website even if you have checked in the past. Then tell all of your family and friends. You never know until you look!


Bonus Drib #2 Weight your produce..I know you are in a rush, but it only takes a second and it’s like getting free food☺️. We like free!

By the way, that little messy pile of onion skins and the seasoning packet laying around the scale is not mine. I did throw away those onions skins, though. Leave it better than you found it, right Mom?

This bag clearly states that it is a 3 pound bag. It actually weighs 4.5 pounds, so I am getting more for my money. Now I have a busy life like everyone else, so I know we don’t have time to weigh all the bags for the best deal.

What I prefer to do is grab three bags or peices of produce. Quickly weigh each one, then pick the heaviest of the three. Almost always, I get more for my money and it took less than 30 seconds to weigh three. I timed myself this morning just to be sure. If you have more time you could weigh a few more but as I always say…… it’s all about balance…..Get it? ..balance…the scale…whatever😂..

So so corny, Frugaldribble😂.

8 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thrifty Three with a couple bonuses!

  1. I do the same as your mother, I put things in the buggy/cart. ride them around a bit and mostly return them to the shelf. And, I, too, pick up three boxes of strawberry/bags of produce, weigh them and buy the heaviest. These have all been reported on my blog. I have time to get a few more strawberries!


    1. Thank you, I’m enjoying it also. I used to not weigh it, until I realized how little time it really takes. I mean, I wouldn’t turn down free apples or strawberries! You will be amazed at how off they are on the packaging.


  2. Our bargain place here(Ollie’s)often has same items /different price. Here it’s because the new lot came in with a higher price point and they often don’t mark the old stock up so I will hunt amongst those items to check for any lower priced one. Happened recently with bbq sauce bottles…..the new stock was $1 more!

    I always do BD#2…..if you are paying by the bag or piece, weigh it!

    And if you are going to buy something online ALWAYS “abandon” the cart before purchasing and if you are on their mailing list they will usually send you an e-coupon code to use to lower the price more to get you to come back and buy. It’s sneaky but it works.


  3. Your Thrifty Thursday ideas are great reminders! I need to remember to do the weighing of produce one. For post holiday buys, just yesterday I got St. Patrick’s Day napkins for 13 cents. I wouldn’t normally buy them, but they will make the day a little more festive for the next couple of years.
    Your comment on receiving the gifting supplies from the friend reminds me of helping a friend clean her mother’s house a couple years ago and getting so much wrapping paper that I had to move a lot of it on. I am using what I kept, but there might have been 3 or 4 lifetimes worth of it!


  4. Thank you! I used to skip weighing the produce but when I realized how little time it actually takes, I just go ahead and do it real quick. Just think…free food! ..and it helps me. I am using wrapping supplies that aren’t even in style anymore..I call them vintage!


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