Southern Hospitality

Did you think because I said Southern, since you may from somewhere else, that didn’t include you? Not so…After all,  most people are South of somewhere even if it’s just ice, desert, or water😂. Okay, okay..maybe I am stretching it a bit. I should change the title to just simple hospitality.

There are forms of hospitality in all areas and cultures. Even in New York City, which is known for its bustling, daily grind. Have you seen someone put change in a homeless persons jar while milling about?


Many people in my area complain about getting stopped by the train on the way to work or on lunch hour. Even though it can inconvenient, the longest I have ever been stopped by a train is 10 minutes, with most stops being less. We spend more time complaining about the train, than actually being stopped. I am making a point to stop complaining about this and instead using this time wisely. Some things I do are simply be still, meditate a bit, or accomplish a task such as a grocery list.


Right beside the train track pictured in my area, is a locally owned small bakery. One day while I was stopped by a train, the owner of this bakery came out and brought everyone that was stopped a bite size sample of her different confections to choose from to our car windows. I thought….this woman is a genius! What better way to promote her business with this kind gesture. This completely took my mind off having to wait for that train.

Random acts of kindness can make changes. For example, this morning,  I went out to my car and I saw this ❤️.


Now don’t get the idea that my husband is the romantic type,  because he really isn’t. Sometimes he does little things like this to unexpectedly brighten my day. This little act of putting a flower, plucked from a bush in my yard, on my car only took a minute but it did make difference in how I was I feeling. Oh and a bonus.. it costs nothing! He could have bought a bouquet of flowers. For me…this has a similar, yet more simple, intimate impact☺️. Do you agree?

I hope you are taking time to do random acts of kindness for the people that are around you. Even a simple kind word or compliment can make a difference. There is a secret here. It’s not really for them…it’s for you❤️.

What random acts have you experienced? What are hospitable acts that you have noticed in your neck of the woods?


4 thoughts on “Southern Hospitality

  1. How sweet that your husband left you the rose. That was very thoughtful, as was the bakery owner handing out samples of her treats.
    Kind things I’ve noticed are people letting me ahead of them in the grocery store checkout line if I only am getting one thing, and people letting me into traffic when I’m trying to pull out from somewhere. I try to do the same for others. I also try to be cheerful with those who I come across in my day, family included. I send family and friends birthday cards in the mail. I hadn’t thought that this was that big of a deal until one friend who moved away said she looked forward to her birthday because it meant hearing from me. That was an act of kindness on her part, with those kind words. I do believe that anything a person can do to brighten another’s day, even in the smallest of ways can give a boost.
    I hope your day is continuing to go well!


  2. Thank you,Mary! You have stated some very routine examples that I think we should give more thought to. When someone lets us in front of them in line or pulling out, it is a very generous act of someone giving away a tiny bit of their own time to a perfect stranger. Time is so precious. If we all look at those simple things a little more deeply, I think we will be better for it. This was thought provoking for sure. I’m going to use your example to talk to my kids about helping others, thanks! I , too, send an occasional greeting card. It’s so rare to see something handwritten these days that I feel special getting them.


  3. I love the flower on your car door! I let people in traffic unless they are trying to push their way in. Then, I push back. I do other things, but I am feverish right now. Twice, a person in front of me has paid for my order.


    1. Thank you, he’s a keeper! I have never had anyone buy my food in line but it happens to my husband all the time. I love how it instantly lifts his mood when someone does that for him. If I have time and they are trying to push, I have started letting them in anyway. I used to live life a lot more hurriedly so I know I pushed in sometimes, lol. I guess I am being paid back now, lol. Hey, thanks for taking the time to comment!


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