A Contest Entry


Many of you that have been following my blog or recognize me from other blogs, have heard about my neighbor’s dog problems. My 5-year old is in kindergarten and this is the 34 word story she wrote for entry into a contest🙁. The name of it is “Bad Dog”.

I guess I didn’t realize how much this experience is impacting her. To catch you all up that don’t know, I will briefly explain. My neighbor has pit bulls that are tied to a tree with heavy log chains around their necks. Every few months just when we think everything is ok, and while we are at work, they break lose and eat our pets. Several months ago 5 kittens, a few months ago , several chickens. We have been to the police each time and we have gotten rid of one dog. Unfortunately, the one that is left, has a puppy😩. The cycle is endless.


Moving on to a lighter note…..how about this book that I found. This was in a pile of stuff that I was going to get rid of…before my husband sees it and becomes offended. I don’t want him to get a complex or anything😂! I’m not really sure where I got it. Maybe it’s his book😳?! This would be a great white elephant gift.

One last thing I wanted to share, is about a meal my husband and I ate at a restaurant. I personally think it is ok to eat out sometimes. Especially, when you are eating at home most of the time for a special treat.

I understand when you are really struggling financially, this may not be possible…and I get that. One day things will improve, and when they do, you will be able to cautiously eat out again on occasion☺️.


Frugal drib#1

My favorite way to save money on eating out it is to order water. Sounds exciting, Frugaldribble…..not! ..I like water….but I love lemonade. I make my own version of lemonade often when we go out to eat. Most restaurants have sugar-free sweetener or sugar packets right there at the table and will give you lemons for free. This is lemonade for zero cost! So delicious and you can make it as sweet or tart as you want it.

Frugal drib #2

If your waiter or waitress asks you if you want a to-go cup, I think it’s ok to say yes sometimes. I’m not an advocate of to-go cups, but if that drink will save you from buying yourself another drink somewhere else on your date night, I would do it. Basically, it’s two drinks for free☺️.

My husband and I ordered a pimento cheese burger. Wow, was it delicious …and huge.


Frugal drib#3  Take half your meal home. While I am not a fan of styrofoam containers, this is what they will give you most of the time.  I used to keep a reusable bag in my purse for this very purpose but it would get gross in my purse before I could use it😬. I took half of my large burger home and this is what my kids ate for an after school snack. Often the half meals that I take home, are big enough for another whole meal!

Frugal Drib#4

Did you catch that I went on a date during the day, as opposed to evening? My husband and I frequently have dates like this because:

A: No babysitters are needed because the kids are in school.

B: We can often get in on a less expensive lunch menu.

C. The crowds are minimal and so are wait times.

D. My personal favorite…we don’t even have to get dressed up

I know with all of our variable situations,  dates during the day won’t work for everyone. If you can, try it sometime. Not much is better to me than staying in and sharing a homemade meal on Valentine’s night with my family…while everyone else is waiting to get in somewhere.

I hope you enjoyed this post! How do you save on eating out or so you you always eat in? What do you think of that weird book?

4 thoughts on “A Contest Entry

    1. It’s at a local restaurant called Harvey’s. It was really good. I’m thinking it would be easy to copycat at home with some homemade pimento cheese. The only thing on the burger was ground beef and pimento cheese. The thing that would be hard is the bun. This burger had the best bun! I guess maybe they make them in house? It had almost a sweet taste kinda like those soft Hawaiian rolls you can buy in the grocery store. Delicious…and big!!


  1. Jennifer, I remember reading about your kittens, and then your chickens. I’m so very sorry that happened, and it’s so hard to believe they still have dogs. I know I wouldn’t have dealt with that very well.
    That book looks hilarious!!!!
    I do enjoy restaurant meals here and there, and your tips are spot on with me– Always water for a beverage (the lemonade idea is clever), go for an earlier meal, and eat half and bring the rest home for another meal for yourself or someone else. Even though I’m also not big on takeout containers, we have a pretty good recycling program (I’m in Oregon) and those styrofoam containers and other #6 plastic which can be some of the clear containers are recyclable at a business not far from me. Some restaurantss are moving to paper takeout boxes too, so even better!


  2. It seems like such a treat to be drinking free lemonade in a restaurant. It’s the small things I guess! I used to try to take leftovers out in a few paper napkins, but the mess was too bad. Hopefully, my area will get in on the paper takeout boxes soon it seems we are last to do a lot of things around here.


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