Frugal Drips


Here is a great deal on these Brussels sprouts. I love to buy them this way, then freeze them for later. The way I do it is put this bag, as is, it the freezer for about two hours. Then I go back and shake them up a bit so they won’t stick together. Brussels sprouts freeze really well!


Did you see the marked down chipotle chicken thighs in the picture? Um..not sure I can recommend for you to buy them. My family didn’t like them. Of course, you may, so if you see them in your area for $2.50, it might be worth it for you. I think my family felt like they were overly saturated with spice rub, so if you a like alot of spice, go for it☺️.


Looking back, I think those chicken thighs might have been better if they were sliced up maybe in a soft taco instead of being the ‘star of the show’ like I served them. Oh well, even though it wasn’t that great, we were all fed one more time😉. …for around $5.04 for my family of four…not too bad!



The pasta is one of those inexpensive bags of alfredo pasta that you can buy for around $1 at most grocery stores. The only reason I am mentioning this is my kids love them. I could make them homemade and more healthy, and sometimes I do, but this package is the perfect size and cooks quickly…so I keep a couple on hand.

Frequently, the directions on the back say add milk. Do you notice what it says above the directions? Um, it says a lot of weird stuff, Frugaldribble!! Yes it does…we don’t eat perfectly at my house but we do try to eat pretty healthy. I’m not focusing on the ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. I want you to see the one that you can. Like milk and butter, for instance. Have you ever wondered why the directions say add milk and butter while this package clearly already contains a form of milk and butter?

Here is my answer, sometimes I just don’t. I just add water and guess what? It’s still really good!

IMG_4706.JPGOften I am out of milk or butter and I desire a creamier noodle …soooo… As every frugal person knows, there is always a cool alternative😎.


For me, this time it was a small squirt of ranch dressing at the end. A small squirt distributed throughout a whole side dish is a pretty tiny amount per serving. Sometimes,  I may add a cheese slice or a teaspoon of sour cream. You can also turn the heat off and add a dollop of plain yogurt at the end.  It will still be really good, creamy, and have fewer calories😉

I hope you all enjoy my weekend posts☺️. Have you ever substituted anything in your recipes that works well or turned out terrible?  Have you ever tried the Chipotle chicken from Walmart? Please tell us about it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Frugal Drips

  1. I substitute and adjust in recipes so often that I can’t ever remember anything in particular. Luckily my husband and I aren’t very picky eaters, so most things taste okay to us. We have a Winco here, so that is where I do the majority of my grocery shopping. I think their prices can be as good as Wal-Mart.


  2. I am trying to put some in the blog, when I think of them, in case someone else needs help in the kitchen. I guess we are all limited by the grocery stores around us. I don’t have a Winco but I hear lots of people talk about it. We recently got an Aldi. Strangely, I haven’t been able to do as well at Aldi as I thought I would. It’s on the opposite end of town that I frequent, so not very convenient for me. I do need to watch the sale paper more closely because it way be worth it to drive over. I really don’t like Wal-Mart. It just happens to be two blocks from where I work so I buzz in often to look for reduced items. Thanks for taking time to read my weekend posts, Mary! Have a good one.


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