Yard Sale Finds

Empty those piggy banks and change jars….Dig  under those couch cushions…dump the change into a fanny pack…and head out the door early, Folks….it’s yard sale time! business-money-pink-coins.jpg

I went to my first yardsales of the season, last weekend. It was a community yardsale, so I went armed with pockets of change. There are some great looking yardsales coming up in my area tomorrow and there is rain in the forecast..again🙁. Hopefully, some will be indoors. Not one to be deterred, I will still get up early to see what I can find. Hey, if everyone else thinks it’s too rainy to get out, then maybe only the good stuff will be left for me☺️.

Frugal drib #1

One of my best tips is to bring change! You will be surprised at how few dollar bills you will spend. Is it just me or does using change feel like we are spending less money? Of course we aren’t, so be careful! I think using change makes me spend less because I don’t want to count out large amounts of change at a yardsale. So if you think this mind trick will work for you, try it!

Unfortunately, the cold rainy weather caused so many of last weeks yardsales to be cancelled..🙁.

I did get a few carefully thought out deals to share in spite of the soggy, cold weather.



I got these 4 dresses for my youngest daughter. The first one still has tags on it! I don’t think my kids realize that lots of their clothes are second hand. So many that I buy still have tags on them. So truly…they are brand new!

Overlook my popcorn ceilings, but do get used to seeing them sometimes. This is one thing I don’t plan to change. They are serving my family well. I don’t plan to invest the time and money to change them. It’s ok, don’t feel sorry for me, we will make it just fine😉.

Frugal drib#2

The last dress pictured is Christmas dress. Springtime a great time to pick up Christmas holiday related items because no one else is thinking about Christmas!

My kids go to a Christmas event each year with my mom. I am planning ahead by buying dresses for them to get nice pictures in, while they are dirt cheap. I mentioned Christmas because it applied here but this trick works for lots of holidays. I am reminded of buying shirts with hearts for the kids for Valentine’s Day. Which can certainly be worn for more than just Valentine’s Day. Hearts are ok anytime, right❤️? I saw a nice 7 foot tall Christmas tree this weekend at the yardsale for $10. I didn’t need one but what a great deal if I did!

In my area of the Southern United States, it’s super hot in the summer. My kids wear simple, easy wear, dresses, sandals, and flip flops the whole summer.  We even wear simple dresses as swim suits cover-ups. The good thing about these dresses, they can be paired with tights, boots, and a sweater and work just fine in the winter, too.

The trouble with buying things for kids at yardsales..sometimes you can only find suitable things for one of your children at a time. This leaves this other ones feeling a bit left out. Sometimes I buy things and put them up until I run across something good for the other child. It’s a battle but it’s worth it.


I also got these thick ornate gold picture/mirror frames, swim goggles, a blow-up fire engine float, and shirt for my grandson.

I don’t know what I am going to do with these frames yet,  but I fell in love with the details on them and I have a few ideas that I will post in the future.

I got the swim goggles because we use these all summer long. They were too cheap to pass up for something I would be buying anyway. I grabbed my grandson the cute whale t-shirt to keep at my house for any messy accidents that are sure to come up.

The breakdown:

Gold frame picture $1

gold frame mirror $1

4 dresses $10

goggles and float$2.00

whale shirt $.50

=$14.50 for all☺️

I have got better deals on little girl dresses in the past. I usually like to pay around a dollar. I looked through many before I settled on these four. Why these four?  The sizes allow for grow room, they will go with sandals/flip-flops/hair bows we already have, they have no stains, and are made well.

Frugal drib#3

Nothing worse than to get a great deal at a yardsale, only to get home and find a big stain that you overlooked. Spend a couple extra minutes to look closely at your items to make sure they aren’t flawed. If they are and you can( and want!) easily repair it, ask if they will take less for the item.


If you will notice the prices on the swim gear, I got a price on them that is much better than what I would pay for them at the dollar store. My kids and grandchild will get a lot of use out of them so I feel good about this purchase. Soon my grandchild will be able to use the floats that I saved for him from my older children, that aren’t disposable.

Its very important to me to really consider what I buy. There were so many other items I saw Saturday that I really liked, but would just be adding clutter. Do you yardsale? If so, what are your best yardsale tips? Tell me all your tricks☺️!!! How do you get the best deals? What are your favorite items to look for?


5 thoughts on “Yard Sale Finds

  1. I only yard sale now and then, because often I’m tempted to just get stuff because it’s cute and a good bargain, not because I need it. I’ve found some good stuff, though, through the years — a basket to hold mending, another to hold storage ware lids, a big cast iron skillet, a $1 used toaster (still going strong over 15 years later), a table and four chairs, a dresser and nightstand, an Ethan Allen bed frame, a ring holder, a pencil holder, cloth napkins, a tapestry cushion, some pictures for a kid’s room, some shirts for my husband, a whole big bag of vacuum cleaner bags for ten cents that are the exact kind for my vacuum, a Roseville pottery piece, picture frames, books, baby toys, wooden hangers, a good Shop-Vac, gift wrap, and more. Having said that, those purchases came from years and years of yard sales. Most of the time, I find nothing or next to nothing, but now and then, I hit jackpot. I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt.
    My tips are: take a tape measure, know your sizes needed, keep a running list that you can take with you, have a way to haul things if a large find appears, even if that means buying it and coming back with a truck or trailer, and don’t negate your savings by eating breakfast out, stopping for snacks, etc. Eat before you go and take snacks. Go with someone to split the cost of gas, if you can. Oh, and use your imagination — you may be able to re-use an item in a very different way from its original purpose.


  2. You have some impressive finds and this is an awesome list of tips! Thanks so much for taking the time to share them. I keep a list of my kids sizes on my phone. The tape measure would be great to keep in the glovebox of my vehicle, maybe I could find an extra one at a yardsale! You are right about breakfast, I like to take boiled eggs on my yardsale adventures for a quick protein boost. I have an impressive list of finds from yardsales but I don’t think my memory is as good is yours to list them all. If you find anything good in the next few months, I would love to hear about it! I usually take my car but I have had to pay for large stuff then go back and pick up later. Thank God most people around here are fairly honest! Thanks again!


  3. Great finds, Jennifer! Those dresses are darling. I loved finding nice second hand clothing for my kids when they were small. Buying out of season, like the Christmas dress you got would probably be my top tip. Generally the prices are lower on these items as they won’t be used right away. My best find that I can think of was the Ugg boots that I just found last weekend for $8.50 as I mentioned in a previous post. I like to look for greeting cards for 10-cents, because I use a lot throughout the year. I keep a little list of things to look for, which can be a good reminder once I’m out at garage sales.


  4. Thanks! I find great deals at thrifts store off season, also. Never have I found Uggs that weren’t wore out, so lucky you. My friends elderly mom died, so he gave me her lifetime supply of greeting cards. I could possibly never have to buy them again. There were so many I had to gift some to my aunt that sends lots of cards. I’m going to try to go to few in the morning so hopefully I will score something that I really need.


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