Thursday’s Thrifty Three



I thought it would be fun to try something new.  I am starting a Thursday’s Thrifty Three post .   I decided to look up the definition of thrifty for some inspiration. I thought it was interesting that “other resources” were mentioned in this definition. So I thought that would be where we could focus today and see where it goes.


Number One:   When I am making pancakes or waffles, I put up some extra ones in the freezer for inexpensive, healthy breakfasts through the week.

Is it just me or are some mornings just especially hard? Also, have I mentioned I’m sorta grumpy in the mornings😬? I find it difficult to get breakfast in my kids that I can feel good about,  in a timely manner. My middle daughter….eats……..slowly…..and this makes things even worse.

We love pancakes and waffles, but other things need to be added to make it a more balanced meal. If I make my own pancakes, I can add protein such as nut butter, fruit, or even make them gluten-free. In the mornings, I don’t have extra time to add things that take time to cook, so this works well for me. Pancakes are a great way to use up aging fruit, such as ripe bananas. My kids can just put them in the microwave or toaster for a quick snack. I need to clean that toaster a bit, eh?

I sometimes buy ready made pancakes or waffles, but they can be made so much better at home for pennies. I love to add a smear(is that a word?) of peanut butter to the pancakes then drizzle with syrup or honey. I learned several years ago, to cut pancakes or waffles with a pizza cutter. So much easier than using a knife or fork. This is not just for kids, I do my own this way, too☺️!

Number Two: Use inexpensive conditioner wisely….meaning besides just for your hair!

If I see a good price, like this one, I stock up with as many as I am comfortable with storing for the space I have. I use conditioner, obviously, for my hair..but I also use it to shave my legs and it works great. It’s a bonus that it’s stays right there in the shower, so it’s there when I need it.

I haven’t been able to get my husband to try shaving his face with it yet. If any men or women out there use it to shave your face, please let us know how it works. For those of you who are youngsters .. most people between the ages of 30 and 40 begin to grow hair in weird places..brace yourself, it’s coming…you heard it here first😂…funny, but so true.

My kids have wasted a lot of conditioner. We now put ours in a reusable squirt bottle,  like the one below. They know to only use one pump. We add a little bit of conditioner and water to an old spray bottle to use for a detangler and leave-in conditioner.


We have also made a quick 2-ingredient play dough by mixing conditioner and cornstarch. It this wasteful? …kinda…but only a little😬.This is for when the kids are out of school for an unexpected weather day, and you can’t think of anything fun to do. You can make it using ingredients you may have on hand.

We have tried this and it is pretty fun. I only made a small amount.  It turns into a smooth feeling, great smelling, dough. After a while, it does becomes sandy and a little messy, but it will provide hours of fun. You could probably add more conditoner to add back moisture and this won’t happen. When ours turned sandy, we just played with it like sand☺️. You can also add a drop of food coloring, but go light, or the kids hands will be stained. Of course, if they are out of school anyway, who cares☺️. It’s pretty fun in a pinch!


Number Three:  I have to be mindful when I see super good deals. The deal can turn sour if it expires or stays in the way for months.

Some in my family love pork and beans. If I buy a whole flat of pork and beans because they were 10 cents per can, chances are I will have to put the flat in the kid’s room…place a mattress on it… then call it a bed😂. I apologize for my corny humor today. In other words, we just don’t have that kind of storage space.


I saw this good deal on olive oil. I cook with it a lot. However, these bottles are kinda big and the expiration date is a few short months from now. So I only felt comfortable buying three.


I purchased these 9 cans of spaghetti sauce because I got a great deal on them, they don’t expire until 2019, and I know we will likely eat spaghetti at least once per month(we like spaghetti!) . This amount is all I am comfortable with storing☺️.


I hope you all enjoyed this weeks Thursday’s Thrifty Three. Do you have three thrifty ideas to share? Do have anything to add that might help others? Let me know what you think, thanks☺️.


12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thrifty Three

  1. This was a very good post! Bargains are only bargains if you can use them up. I don’t have a lot of storage space and I also live alone. I do share bargains with my daughter and family so I’ll buy more when it’s something I think they will use also. I like the idea of the conditioner in a pump bottle. Keep up this series, I like it!


    1. Thanks for your valuable input, Linda! It’s so easy to let storage get out of hand. I have a way of talking myself into things, so I have to set personal limits..I guess we all do. The conditoner pump bottle is saving me so much money! So glad you like my series☺️.


  2. I like this idea!
    I got this from the Tightwad Gazette years ago — use your underbed area wisely. I have extra canning jars under one bed (in boxes) and a 500′ roll of gift wrap under another, among other things.
    I keep an old re-purposed bottle of well-diluted Sal Suds by my laundry room sink — it’s just the right strength to pour on stains, hand wash something quickly, scrub the dog food bowl, scrub the sink itself, when used along with a little baking soda, clean my mop pads between rooms, and many other uses. It’s right where I need it, and I find I use much less actual soap when it’s pre-diluted than when I try to carefully use full-strength soap.
    This only works in the south, but fill up the very bottom of your planter pots with Spanish moss. It lets water drain from the dirt and roots, keeps the pots lighter weight, and lets you use less dirt. I mean the moss you pull from trees yourself; I don’t mean buy it — that wouldn’t be thrifty! Bonus — when you dump the pots, it’s all compost-able.


  3. I love the Tightwad gazette. Wish I could run across one at a yardsale so could have my own copy. I check it out at the library from time to time for a refresher. I saw a story on Amy D. a few months ago, it was a an older video, she still seemed to be doing great! I will post a link if I can find it. Love the Spanish moss idea, I use bigger rocks in the bottom of plants but you are right…sooo heavy! So glad you like my Thursday series, it’s gonna be fun! Thanks for your feedback, the comments section can be pretty quiet sometimes.


      1. Love the video…Amy D. is awesome! My mom gave me her first book when it came out in 1992, and I got the other two when those were published. I still look at those to this day for recipes and inspiration.


      2. Thank you, Mary! Amy is awesome. I wished she would write a book now since her kids are grown. I remember reading her book when I was teenager. Frugality was not interesting to me at the time but somehow that book intrigued me.


      3. Yay, loved to see this! I got her books second hand from Alibris, mostly, one of them that she signed. I bought the three books that came out before the complete anthology was published, but I bought that complete book for each of my grown kids. I still pull the books out and read them for inspiration — the details are often outdated now, but the ideas and theory are not — spend less than you earn, be creative, use what you have, look for second hand or free, check for best price, bargain, and finally, don’t get it if you don’t really need it. I still use some of the recipes and gift ideas in them. She was so very different in a world of “material girls” back then.


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