Seasonal Allergies

Does this time of year have you sniffling and sneezing like it does me?


This is a picture of the lake by my house. I live in the Southern United States, so most bodies of water around me, look similar to this.  Right at the water’s edge, you will notice the bright yellow collection of pine pollen…and a pretty decent looking flower pot in the lower center of the picture….I should go pick that up😂. …

Lots of people are allergic to pine pollen and many other beautiful blossoming flowers, grass, and pollens around us. I feel that spring is bittersweet. While I love the color, my body doesn’t.

There are a few simple things that I have found really help me and my family that may help you avoid a doctor visit:


Frugal Droplet#1 No one ever told me this one. I learned it on my own as a child, out of necessity. I am pretty allergic to cats…even though I love them. I was always told to wash my hands after playing with cats. I did this, and it helped some, but my face still felt inflamed. Also, I would still be sneezing uncontrollably. I learned that if I cupped my hands in some cool clean water and splashed it a few times on my face, even in my nose a bit, it would calm everything down. Now, I’m no allergy specialist, but it sure makes me feel better. As an RN, I know that water washes a lot of the allergens off the face and out of the nose, as it cools down the inflamed nasal passages. As a woman…I know this will ruin your makeup, if you wear it, but sometimes it’s worth it😂.


Frugal Droplet#2 I try to wash my hair nightly, or at least rinse it with water this time of year. This is commonly given medical advice for allergies, but I thought it was worth a mention. Our hair and eyelashes seem to attract pollen like a dust mop to a dusty floor. It’s especially important to do this before bed. This keeps us from covering our pillowcases with pollen or other allergens.


Frugal Droplet#3 ***Warning***This is very hard for the die hard frugal person. We probably shouldn’t hang clothes on the clothesline during peak times…Ouch! ..this one stings. If it saves you from being miserable and avoids a visit to the doctor, it may be worth it.

I personally do not hang clothes on a clothesline because of my children’s pretty severe allergies. Man, do I miss those crisp, exfoliating towels! No seriously, I really do love them. My mom hung towels on the line when I was growing up, so I truly love the way they that weird??




If you are going to hang your laundry anyway…..I get it…..maybe try looking up the pollen count for your area online and choose a day that the air quality isn’t as bad. It is important to mention that pine pollen is not the only pollen out there and some people are more allergic to grass or other triggers. Maybe try tossing the sheets for just a few minutes in the dryer, after drying on the line. This may help remove some allergens and not cost as much as drying all the way.


Frugal Droplet#4 Put your vehicles A/C unit on recirculate. This is a favorite time of year to ride with the car windows down. I know, I know……I love the cool wind in my face, my hair blowing wildly in the breeze, and the pollen going straight into my eyes and nose….Aaaachoooooo!!!!

I really do love to save on gas and ride with the windows down. The allergens in the air, wreak havoc on my body. I personally, try to keep the windows up. Occasionally,  I will roll down the back windows of my car, so it isn’t blowing right into my face….and just suffer☺️.

There is nothing more calming than open windows on a cool breezy, spring day. Even though my allergies are pretty bad, this is a hard one for me. I try to make sure my bedroom remains a safe zone. I keep those windows and doors closed and then shower before bed. This keeps the lowest amount of allergens in the room that I will sleep in. Of course…. keeping the windows up is probably best, but life is about balance, right☺️?


Frugal droplet#5 If you take an over-the- counter allergy medication, most people already know, they are required by law to have the exact same active ingredients as the more expensive brand names.  So go ahead and grab that generic med…you will have the same results and save money. Also, did you know that allergy meds should be taken daily to best prevent allergies symptoms? In other words, it’s best to start taking them a few weeks before you are exposed to the allergen for peak effectiveness. I used to think I could take a pill the day I started sneezing and it would fix it… and it will help some. For optimum results, start taking them before the allergy season starts. However, it’s not too late if you are suffering, start them now and just take them regularly.

I know, I know….these ideas are going to interfere with some of the best money saving tips out there. Avoiding being miserable and not paying for a doctor’s visit is frugal because….Staying Heathy is Frugal ☺️

Do you have bad allergies like my family? Have you learned any good tips that ease your symptoms that could help me? If so, please let me know in the comments. It’s a struggle so let’s help each other☺️.

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Allergies

  1. I have seasonal allergies that drive me crazy this time of year unless I take medicine daily. Your tip on generics was spot on, as I get generic Allegra at a much lower price than Allegra. I get it at Costco, so it’s even a better deal–one bottle having 180 tablets, which lasts me through the entire time I need them each year.


    1. I get mine at Sam’s club and the price is so much less than other places. We don’t have a nearby Costco, wish we did. Allergy related problems are one of the number one reasons people visit a doctor. I know people that still think they have to buy name brand medications to get the best result so I thought it was worth saying again. Even with all that I try to do, I still sniffle some!


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