Frugal Decor

IMG_4361.JPGI love decorating our home with treasures from yard sales, that are homemade, or are thrift stores purchases. I can safely say that most things in my homes are repurposed old things or simply things I purchased second hand.

With exception of my brand new couch. I had been looking for a good deal on a couch for a few years. When I finally found a price for a quality couch that I was satisfied with, I got it. My old couch was falling apart so it was time to retire it. I would post of picture of the couch,  but my daughter is currently drooling on it😃.  She fell asleep early tonight, so I’m getting a few moments of quiet time.

I got this window at a yardsale for…drum roll please…………..FREE! My mom and I share a love for yard sales. One Saturday, we were on one of those ‘miles long’ all day, yard sale adventures. I spotted this window on the ground with a sign on it that said, “free”. It was so dirty and the glass was so dingy, that I actually thought it was plexi-glass instead of real glass. I took it home anyway and discovered it was glass. It cleaned up nicely! I also got a nice large wedge pillow for free that day. It flew out of the back of someone’s truck as they were speeding by, but that’s a story for another day😉.

Frugal Droplet: If you ever have the opportunity to go on one of those ‘miles long’ yardsales or even a community yardsale, it’s a good idea to go back to the area later in the day. Often, people are tired and will be ready to get rid of the things they don’t want to take back inside. There are super good or even free deals to had. They may even just sit boxes of stuff on the curb better known as the “free” pile.  Just be sure it’s something you really need. Clutter can happen fast if you continuously expose yourself to free stuff☺️

It took me a little while to figure out what to do with this glass🤔. I thought about so many different ideas. I even considered mounting a cool picture behind the glass or painting it.  Then I settled on something really simple. A quote that my whole family may feel stimulated by from time to time. I got these custom decals for free because vinyl decals are a portion of what we do at our business. I love to tell the story of the wall art that I got for completely free. It warms my frugal heart❤️.

I will be sharing more of some of my favorite yardsale finds since yardsale season is almost here in my area. I would love to hear about your awesome finds in the comments.

*Apologies for some of my photos being kinda crappy. Thefrugaldribble is no photographer. ☺️.


2 thoughts on “Frugal Decor

  1. I love that wall art! Just yesterday I went to a garage sale, and was so excited with what I found…a pair of Ugg boots in my daughter’s size, very good condition for $8.50, three boxes of plug in mini white LED light strings that looked unused for $1.25 each, a nice coffeemaker minus the carafe for $1.00 (I think I can find the right carafe at Goodwill), and some miscellaneous partial pints of paint ans sealers that I can use for future projects for 25-50 cents each. Our daughter will probably be getting her first post-college apartment this summer, so if I see things she might enjoy or be able to use there, I’m getting them. I’m trying to stick with the one in, one out rule for myself when I bring my finds home. It keeps our house a little more in order that way.


    1. Wow, you sure did score! I went today and got a few items that I will post soon. I don’t think I did quite as well as you, though! Love Uggs, but I haven’t found any that weren’t completely worn out. Let me know what you find the next few months. Your paint finds reminded me to look out for more things like that, thanks!


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