Sauce packet chicken and veggies


I love sheet pan meals. If you haven’t heard of this yet, basically, it is a meal for your family on just one large sheet pan. Usually, it is a protein surrounded by a bunch of vegetables. I have made many different kinds of sheet pan meals and hope to share many of them with you in the future. Most of mine are what I like to call dump and bake, like the one I am showing here.

Dump and bakes usually involve laying your protein on the pan and surrounding it with a bag of frozen veggies, seasoning, then baking. You can have your meal ready in about 25 minutes and it only uses one pan! If your  family is larger,  you can always do two sheet pans, which is not too much more.


For tonight’s meal, I am seasoning with sauce packets. There always seems to be too many extra packets of sauce from restaurants. This is way to not waste those, even though you didn’t ask for them. I have even asked for no sauce packets and they give them anyway. So many times, they just put a bunch in the bag and you find them when you get home😳.


I chose this variety from a jar I keep in the fridge. I am adding the last of some whole grain mustard, salt, and some pepper flakes that I already have, but that’s it. The rest is going to come from the packets.


I got another pack of frozen chicken thighs from my freezer, if interested in how we freeze our chicken see my previous post.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees(honestly, I don’t always preheat☺️).  I put my frozen chicken in it’s frozen, chicken square shape, because I do not thaw it, onto the sheet pan. Then surround it with a frozen bag of vegetable medley. Drizzle olive oil over all of this, then sprinkle with salt.


Only add half the sauce packet mixture over the top of the chicken now. Reserve the rest for later. Cook for 15 minutes then remove from oven and separate the chicken. The chicken needs to be separated to cook evenly and not look like an unappealing square☺️. If you decide to use fresh chicken, you can skip this step, and just drizzle the remaining mixture over top for the last 10 minutes of cooking and let it cook until done with no turning.


If the chicken was frozen, Drizzle the remaining mixture over chicken and veggies. Cook for 10 more minutes.

Things to consider:

If you are using really large or thick chicken you may want to cut your pieces. If they are too big, your vegetables will cook too fast.

You can also reduce the cooking temperature if needed. I like to use higher heat for more browning.


The breakdown:


chicken $1.05

sauce packets-free!


English peas leftover from yesterday- Eh, maybe $.50

olive oil, pepper flakes, salt, leftover whole grain mustard- maybe $.25 cents


This meal was truly delicious so I hope you will try something similar. I have more examples of sheet pan meals coming soon so if you like this one, stay tuned☺️. 

2 thoughts on “Sauce packet chicken and veggies

  1. Nice! Good idea on the one pan meals. I try to use up those little packets too, here and there. They do give out way too many. Taco Bell hot sauce comes first to mind. Our son is a major fan of their food and always has multiple sauce packets to add to our fridge, which we try to use on our homemade burritos.


  2. Delicious idea for the Taco Bell ones.I personally think always having taco sauce in the fridge is a necessity. I have a post using those planned in the future. I used to just throw them away! That is so bad, I know.


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