No Waste Red Nose Day, Anyone?


Have you heard of Red Nose Day? This is a really great cause that was started in 2015 to raise millions of dollars to assist with childhood poverty. Many celebrities get involved in this cause which, thankfully, brings in even more money. Walgreens sells bright red noses to support this cause by donating the proceeds received from the sale of the noses.  Full Disclosure- I do not know everything there is to know about this,  so I can only speak to what I know. Frugaldribble is no expert☺️.

Walgreen’s is supportive of many great causes. I am glad to support the efforts by shopping there. Plus, they have some great deals on items I use regularly. I usually pick up canned salmon when they run a great sale price on it. I can pair coupons with sales to get rock bottom deals on quality items for my family. I shop there fairly often and am proud to do so.

This sign for the “sparkly” red noses at a local Walgreen’s gave me pause…and it keeps weighing heavily on my mind since I drive by there several times a day.  This bothered me last year, also. I guess when I saw that they had added sparkles, it bugged me a little more.


Though, I love the cause, why are we purchasing a red nose that will thrown away a few days after or have to be recycled? Then we buy another red nose for ourselves, and maybe our family members, again the next year and possibly years to come?

1.Could we not paint on a red nose and just give Walgreens a donation?

2. Could we not purchase something useful or consumable at Walgreens on behalf of Red Nose Day then they can donate the proceeds to the cause?  We could still paint our noses red with lipstick or something we have already. Maybe even reuse the red nose from the year before?

3. Maybe Walgreens could give a small, round red nose paper sticker to place on our noses instead? A sticker would be a lot less wasteful, wouldn’t it?

I get it…. the red nose is super cute, my kids love them, and it’s a fun reminder to make us all remember what the cause is for. Seeing one red nose out in public prompts us to buy ourselves one to support child poverty relief efforts. Who doesn’t want child poverty to end?!?? …nobody. ever.

I don’t have all the answers as I am still looking for ways that I can waste less in my own home and I fail….every. single. day. Shouldn’t we rethink buying millions of those plastic noses each year. It seems like our great cause may be causing some unecessary manufacturing, recycling, then waste 🙁.

I don’t want to detract from this super effort to change the world. Walgreens, NBC, and the many other organizations and people involved have made big changes in the lives of children. I’m proud of how we can come together to make such a difference for our world. I guess I  would rather see only the good in this cause….. instead of this one little thing that keeps bugging me🙁.

How many noses are made, then sold, and then discarded or recycled each year….and will be for many years to come?

If this bugs you too, please share this with people you know. Let’s start talking about it and see if we can figure out how to make a great thing even better☺️.



2 thoughts on “No Waste Red Nose Day, Anyone?

  1. I’m very much with you on this. There is so much wasteful manufacturing of things that just truly aren’t useful, like these noses. I like to donate to charitable causes, but I’m one who would say “no thanks” on receiving the nose. I don’t participate in “freebies” and samples either because of the waste of materials that goes along with them. That’s a good idea, suggesting other ways to do Red Noses…


    1. I know the noses are just a small thing. I’m also very selective in what freebies and things I purchase, in general. I just hope people, that are like I have been in the past, will eventually begin to notice things. That’s what this post was about for me. I know I will get only limited views but if it’s starts a small conversation that could lead to bigger ones, then I have made a difference.


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