Freshen things up

IMG_4312.JPGThis is the rubber mat that stays at my front door. We have had this same mat for 10 years. It was here when we bought our home, so I don’t actually know how old it is. This is a high traffic area so this mat gets lots of abuse.

About once or twice a year, I give this mat a quick, little make over. I simply remove it from the front door, beat it on the side of the house to remove excess debris, place it onto the gravel(or whatever surface you have🙂), then spray it with black spray paint. This makes it looks brand new again!


You can wash your rug before spraying, but it has worked fine for me to skip that. I don’t use any special kind of spray paint. I use the least expensive one I see on the shelf at the Dollar Store. Flat black looks best, but any black will do, so I use whatever I have on hand. I don’t know if this extends the life of the mat, but so far, my rug has no cracks or places that appearing to be breaking down. I have never sprayed the backside of rug, but you could if you wanted to.


This is a great way to refresh your entry way if you have company coming or just want to freshen things up. The best part….it’s dirt cheap☺️!

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