Post Easter Ideas


So this is what happens when you leave a chocolate bunny in the sun too long.. pretty morbid, huh? It turns into disfigured blob of chocolate with eyes.

This is not as morbid as what I am about to suggest. My children get chocolate and candy confections from different members of the family for Easter. We really can’t eat it all.  This year is no different. So what do you do with all those peeps and chocolate bunnies????

You make s’mores, of course! Have you ever tried putting a peep over a campfire? The marshmallow center gets gooey,  the colored sugar outside gets delightfully carmelized. Then you simply, snap off the ear of a chocolate bunny, put it all in between two graham crackers, and you have a perfect s’more.

IMG_4650.JPGOk, I know burning up a cute little bunny is going to be difficult for some. When I told my mom about this, she thought I was nuts! Just remember, the bunny will be in a better place… your tummy😂!

I tested this roasted peep idea on five kids.  They all loved them and begged for more.  The only downside is, if you burn the peep,  it tastes like bitter burnt sugar, Blegh…..but if you get it just right… it tastes like the top of a creme brûlée over a creamy, warm marshmallow. So do not burn your peep like the one above.

Frugal Droplet#1 Gather up all those leftover chocolates and put them in your freezer.You may be tired of chocolate now, but you will eventually want some again. Easter chocolates can be used for many of your baking needs in the future, so don’t chunk them.


In the interest of being completely honest, I really don’t like peeps. I never have, even as a child. I do have to say after roasting them, I was gladly able to eat a couple.

I can remember getting an Easter basket when I was a girl and they would sit in there for weeks. They completely dried out and turned hard. So even though these good ole,  American made,  treats are one of the most popular selling Easter Candy………uh, I hate them.

Speaking of Easter baskets….

Frugal Droplet#2 Each year, a week or so after Easter, I collect my kids Easter baskets, and the plastic grass inside, then hide them up in the closet for next year. After a year, the kids will not recognize them and you can keep reusing them.

Since some may not have heard of peeps, I thought I should explain. There are basically, a marshmallow in the shape of an animal, covered in colored sugar. The original peep was a yellow chick. Now you can buy peeps in different colors and flavors, like red cherry.  I can’t believe I did a whole post on something I don’t even like?!? …well, unless it’s roasted☺️. Don’t leave me just yet…tomorrow’s post will be much less weird. It will be helpful for those of you that also don’t like peeps😉.


6 thoughts on “Post Easter Ideas

    1. Yep, that’s why I invited some other kids over so mine wouldn’t be eating it all by themselves. Every family member I saw this weekend brought something sweet😬. That’s why I thought this post might helps others space theirs out, too. My kids don’t like jellybeans much, thank goodness.


  1. Cute idea! My two kids in their twenties now, loved getting Peeps in their Easter baskets, but wouldn’t eat them either. They are so cute and colorful though. If Peeps ever re-enter our lives, we’ll have to try this! We never have a problem consuming chocolate in our family!


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