Happy Easter


I hope this finds you all having a pleasant, relaxing Easter…..and April Fools Day! I love to celebrate both. Since they fell on the same day, I am going to reflect on the one that is most important to me….Easter!

I think when we have special holidays, it is an good time to slow down and reflect on what is most important to us.  No matter what belief system you have, I think we can all agree, life can be a little hurried sometimes.

Since my kids have a long weekend, I have a few special things planned:

Family Movie Night– Our family movie night is a big deal…because we make it that way. We plan a set time that we are all going to watch a movie together. We all participate. We turn off all the lights. We put pillows, blankets, and bean bag chairs (which is more than what most movie theaters offer, by the way😉) On the floor. We pop the popcorn right before and get drinks ready.

We have a stash of DVD’s that are fun family movies that I got for 25 cents per movie at a yardsale….Why, oh why, didn’t I buy all those movies at that yardsale that day??…still kicking myself about that one..moving on…

If you don’t have any movies,  go get a new release at the Redbox, check out one from the library, or borrow one from a friend. The library is an awesome place to get movies and many are often new releases or Blue-ray(if that’s important to you, I don’t care really☺️).


Then we all show up and watch a funny movie together. I’m not opposed to going out to the movies for a special treat. This is just another option that cost hardly anything. If you haven’t already,  try it sometime. …Oh, and our movie theater is a no phone zone..just like the regular theater.



Easter Egg Hunt:We are going to dye a few eggs, just for fun, with food coloring and vinegar that we already have on hand. Then we will hide and hunt them for a little while. Easter Egg hunting is as much for adults as it is for kids so if you don’t have kids..hunt with your friends.  It’s a lot of fun and it’s a little bit of exercise. Oh, and soon afterwards we are going to eat those eggs. Since they are freshly boiled, this is fine. I have never gotten sick from an Easter egg and I am no Spring Chicken😂😂😂😂. Sorry, I just couldn’t help it! I’m so cheesy sometimes🙂


Go shopping at your nearest Mall:

April Fools!!!! 😂. I have not been to a shopping mall in a long time and wouldn’t be recommend it. I heard a commercial on the radio for our local mall today. They mentioned several restaurants in the food court that I had never even heard of. So much has changed since last time I was in the mall. Made my frugal heart smile❤️.


Nature Walks: When I tell my kids we are going on a nature walk, they know that it means to grab a sack and a bottle of water. We are going treasure hunting and it may take awhile. We search for strange rocks, plants, or whatever may come up. Now, we don’t go anywhere special. We simply head out the front door and walk down the road for less than a mile. My kids get so excited about these little walks.


Frugal Droplet: I have an easy, inexpensive way to make these walks even a little more interesting. Before we go, I sneak out and place little treasures around for my kids to..accidentally😉….find. My youngest daughter loves jewels..as she calls them. This can be any kind of rhinestone or sparkly plastic gem. So I am going to get some of my old broken costume jewelry, take it apart, and hide random “jewels” where I know she will look. So fun! My middle daughter loves painted rocks or with rocks with sayings on them so I am going to place a few of those as well.


Moon Watching: Did you catch a glimpse of the blue moon?  My family loves to go out and gaze at as many full moons as we can, when weather permits. Since it’s Easter, this one seems extra special. I love free entertainment!

Below is a picture of our most recent finds  from a nature walk. I know these are weeds and junk to some, but to my daughter, they are indeed her treasures. It’s all in what you make it, right? What special things do you have planned or do you keep it simple and not make plans? There is no wrong answer and both sound great to me😉.  Happy Easter and April Fools Day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. It sounds like you had a fun Easter. I like your photos. That one of the full moon is stunning! It was beautiful to see that on Easter eve.


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