Repurposed Jars


We got a great deal on two boxes of these delicious pickles. Now, we do like pickles, but this was too much for just my family. We have given away several jars to family and friends.

What I especially love about these pickles is the jar they came in. It’s the perfect size and height for drinking out of. They are not like some jars that have a large ridge right near the top of the glass for the lid to screw onto😀.


Also, I love that it has these graduated measuring marks so it can double as a measuring cup. I checked them with my Pyrex measuring cup to make sure they measure true, and they do! I plan to keep a stash of the lids to these jars so they can double as storage containers, if needed. Around the holidays, I like to decorate with jars and candles so the possibilities are endless.

I am patiently waiting to get a whole set of new drinking glasses from my abundant supply of pickles. Thank goodness it takes a long time for pickles to expire, because we still have a bunch☺️.

I think these plain, functional glasses will look pretty as a set on the shelf in my cabinet. Another good thing, these are a little harder to break than a traditional drinking glasses since they were made to sit on a grocery store shelf.

I do have a few clear, drinking glasses in my cabinet that are thin and break easily. I actually just broke one the other day simply picking it up😬!  I have found these glasses broken in my dishwasher sometimes. So, I have been searching for a more long term solution and I think I found what I am looking for.

I love to drink out of clear glass. I enjoy seeing what I am drinking. This may sound a little dreamy,  but I actually enjoy watching clear, cold, water drip down the sides of the glass while drinking icy water on a hot summer day in the South. What ordinary item are you using for a unique function?


4 thoughts on “Repurposed Jars

  1. My favourite drinking glasses at the moment are a couple of jars! I brought them home from Texas – friends wedding had them on the tables with embossed labels on them to make them personal! Nice solid drinking glasses and I love them!
    I save ALL our jars and collect them off other people too – I use them so much for lots of reasons – mostly relish and jam, but good for other storage items and make decent vases too!!


  2. I like that they almost never break! Sometimes when friends or family get sick, I take them homemade chicken noodle soup in a jar and then if they don’t give me the jar back it’s ok. That’s probably why I haven’t built up a big stash to drink out of yet, come to think of it!🙂


  3. I love reusing jars! I mostly use them for food storage, but I like them so much I have to force myself to recycle some when they are spilling out of their designated spot in the kitchen cupboard. I think jars are my main repurpose item. They’re so sturdy!


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