Stay colorful


You may recognize this piece of paper as the inside of a fortune cookie and as the header of this blog. My family rarely goes out to eat Chinese, but one night a few months ago, we did. I usually open the fortune cookie at the end of the meal, chuckle a little, then forget about it. For some reason, I was drawn to this simple statement, so I stuck it in my pocket…and then I forgot about it.

A few weeks later, I was at the park with my family. It was gorgeous outside, yet chilly. I put my hands in my pants pockets to warm them and found this little piece of paper again. It had been through the washing machine and yet still looked pretty good. Call me crazy..I don’t mind…but I believe sometimes people or things are put in our path for a reason….dreamy, right? So, I took a screen shot of this piece of paper and used it as the wallpaper on my phone. This way I am exposing myself to this statement daily. To me, if something keeps coming up, it’s a good idea to at least try to give it a little energy and see what happens. Maybe it’s nothing…maybe it’s something..

I used this statement as a push to start this little blog. I needed something extra in my life to maintain and grow. I do this through my children, but I needed a little something that was just for me. Some may call this selfish. I think we all need to be just a little selfish for self-preservation. The daily grind of life can have a way of draining the color out of people. To protect my self from a colorless existence, I am expressing myself with little things I do everyday that make a difference. Not a huge difference, but just those little things…hey..they do add up! I believe that each time I post an idea or random thought, if it helps just one person with a mundane task, saves someone a little money, makes someone smile, or leads someone to find a better way of doing something for themselves …..then I have done something meaningful. Doing something meaningful, keeps life colorful🙂.

This is where ‘daring to be different’ comes in. Unlike most people I know, I do not have any social media accounts. Not even a little one called Facebook. I only follow a few blogs. I know my little blog may suffer because of this, and that’s okay. I am somewhat of a private person and that’s why this blogs challenges me. It feels like sticking one toe into the water of social media to check the temperature.

I am daring to be different so I hope you will continue to follow along and see what we can figure out together☺️….stay colorful, my friends.color-umbrella-red-yellow-163822.jpeg

8 thoughts on “Stay colorful

  1. Great post, Jennifer! I too, dare to be different. I have no social media accounts either, and people wonder why. I feel like I have a full life with family and friends despite not having those accounts. I am content without, and that’s my explanation.


    1. Thanks for saying this because these are my feelings exactly! When someone tells me to friend them on Facebook, and I tell them I don’t have it, they think I’m weird. I guess I am weird but I like my weirdness. Thank you, Mary!


  2. I like being different. The world is too much about doing things to fit in and I just want to be me. Different ole’ me (aka weird 🙂 I think what drew me to your blog was you mentioning over at the NCA blog that you didn’t have social media accounts. I thought, “she sounds like me!”.


  3. I like this post and your thoughts! I’ve always enjoyed being ‘a little out of the box’ lol consequently I have had quite a varied life and life experiences and met amazing people along the way. You should have things that are just for yourself at times! Its not selfish at all!
    I do enjoy facebook as a way of easily keeping in touch with a vast network of family and friends around the world – it works for me well but realise its not for everyone. I do get weird looks though when I tell people we don’t have a mobile phone tho… haha
    Just be you and enjoy life and if we all make one more person around us smile, then we have done a good thing!


    1. I don’t have too much against Facebook, really, I think it has its place. I can see how it would be good for keeping in touch with loved ones especially from a distance.I do enjoy your posts and reading your ‘out of the box’experiences. Enjoy your weekend!


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