Stretch your treats


Do you ever drive thru Sonic or another drive thru for an occasional treat? We do, especially to celebrate my children’s good report cards or good behavior. We try to make sure when we go, it’s right after school during Happy Hour. Or, sometimes Sonic will run a promotion for 79 cents for a medium slush all day.  That’s  not a bad price for a special treat, but could you stretch that even further?

I think so.. if you get these slushes you will find that they are really, overly sweet. If you pour half of your slush into another glass and add equal parts water to both, then you can have two still very sweet, delightful slushes for two kids☺️! At my house, we even add water a second time for another still slushy, slush..(is that a thing?). It is still quite sweet and delicious.

I don’t drink coffee, but this same idea can be applied to Starbucks. Maybe not by adding water but you can split yours with a friend. Of course, coffee at home is the most frugal way to drink coffee. If you find yourself splurging, try sharing with a buddy and splitting the cost. I keep an extra cup in my car in a sealed bag just for when things like this come up. Most places will gladly give you an extra cup if you ask, but this way you don’t have to.


I love these Lime slushes that Sonic currently has and my kids are die hard blue-raspberry fans.  When I get the lime slush pictured(overlook my daughter’s fingernails, we are in a phase😉),  it is almost too tart to drink. I can add water to it 2 to 3 times, and still have a very limey( is that a word?), tasty drink.


When my kids get these small blue- raspberry slushes, after 2 to 3 large slurps, all the liquid is gone…But the sweet flavor and ice is still there. All you have to do is add water to get more bang for your buck! You may have to experiment with how much water you use for your taste.  My family likes half water to half slush. If you have tried this or plan to, let me know how you like it the comments.

I’m sure it’s obvious, as new as this blog is, but I am in no way affiliated with Sonic or Starbucks….. even saying this is laughable😂😂.


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