Morning Hair Hell



I was talking with a couple friends of mine. We were discussing that most all moms, dad’s, or guardians of smaller kids that go to school, early in the morning, seem to struggle a little.

I am not my best when I first wake up. I’m ashamed to say, I can hear my husband whispering to my kids to not to talk to me for the first few minutes. I have to prepare myself well the night before, to keep from having a meltdown in the morning. If I have a meltdown, it’s seems that everyone in my house seems to melt down right along with me…not a good way to start the day🙁.

Both of my younger girls have longer hair.
Brushing long hair in the morning can be a source of time consuming stress and tears. For those of you that have short-haired boys or girls, don’t give up on me just yet. I do have a grandson who is a toddler, that I will be posting about in the future😉.

I do one quick step, the night before a school day, that makes for easy hair care in the morning. After the girls get a shower the night before(no way could we tackle showers in the morning, that would be awful!), I let the hair dry a little and brush it well. Then I do one simple, very loose, braid that is comfortable enough for them sleep well. This is not a perfect braid or a fancy French braid. Think..super quick, maybe even sloppy, very loose braid. It should take you less than a minute or two, at the most, to complete. Then secure with a hair tie.


In the morning, they simply take out the ponytail, run a quick brush through, and they are ready to head out the door. The braid keeps tangles from forming while tossing or turning in the bed. The slight dampness of the hair makes it dry smoothly through the loose braid by morning. Sometimes the hair even has a nice wave to it. This is reminiscent of the ‘sock bun’ that was all the rage a few years ago. This is better for me because it take nearly no time to complete. Sometimes, when we are super rushed, the kids don’t even brush and it still looks fine. It’s really good for younger girls and boys with long hair, to get them started brushing their own hair in the mornings without much work.

This seemed like a such a silly, little thing to do a blog post on, but since it makes such a huge difference in how my mornings go, I wanted to share. Neither of my friends had been doing this. Maybe there are others struggling with the morning hair hell, too. I hope if you give this a try, you will let me know how you like it. I plan to share more things that help my family have less school morning stress in the future, so I hope you will check back in☺️.

2 thoughts on “Morning Hair Hell

  1. Oh my gosh, does this post bring back not so good memories of grade school mornings. My daughter is in her 20s now, so has been taking care of her hair for a long time, but this trick sure could have come in handy. It’s something she does now with her long hair, but it could have really helped my mornings back then.


    1. Tangles in the morning are the worst! Nobody wants to start the day making the kids cry trying to hurry up and get tangles out. I wished I would have thought of this sooner! I have a 21 year old daughter, too. I kinda started over, my youngest is 5. They say, kids keep you young but my graying hair says otherwise🙂.


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