I’m no hair expert

IMG_4279.JPGI’m not a skilled beautician, not even close, but I do cut and color my own hair. I don’t always get perfect results, but they are good enough for me.  My hair is naturally very dark brown, fine, and I am getting some wirey, dull gray on top.

I add highlights to my hair to strategically cover the gray and give my fine, thin hair some body.

Hey Frugal Dribble, if you want to save money, why don’t you stop coloring your hair and just be natural?!

Well, the answer is that coloring my hair makes me feel good about myself and I think that’s important. I do think lots of people look great with natural hair.

I used to pay $100,  not including the tip, to get my hair highlighted then trimmed. The downsides to this were:

A. The cost

B. It takes so long

C. I felt my results were average


There were also upsides:

A. I did get to relax a bit while in that chair

B. I didn’t have to awkwardly crane my neck around to try to make sure I get the back done as well as the front.

C. If they mess it up, they will fix it. If I mess it up, I am stuck with it, unless I want to pay for it to be fixed. Luckily, it mostly turns out ok.

I felt like I could do an average job myself(maybe a little below average sometimes☺️). I could have continued shopping around for a better beautician. I’m sure I would have found one. The cost for quality results probably would be more than the $100 I was paying. I have been told this was pretty reasonable for what my hair requires😳.

I would sit there in the chair thinking of all the things I could be doing besides listening to gossip(no offense to the hairdressing community because sometimes that gossip is fun and interesting😉). I know beauticians deserve the money, and some deserve even more, because it is backbreaking work to stand there for countless hours. Most of them do a fabulous job and will keep working until it’s perfect. Also, I know many that suffer from feet, back, and neck issues.

Im not sure doing your own hair is for everybody, but it works for me. I keep my style pretty simple and, if I want a shorter cut, I let my husband do it. He can cut a pretty straight line☺️.

There are many hair cut tutorials on Youtube. I’m not sure I can feel completely good about recommending any of them. I think that there are so many different types and styles of hair that you could end up dissatisfied and then have to go pay someone to fix it.

Here are a few frugal droplets to think about if you want to save a little money on your hair cut, color, and style.

Droplet#1  Consider using a cosmetology school. They are required to have a licensed professional present and will often take extra time and care to make sure you get what you asked for.

Droplet#2 Keep a simple style, cut, and/or color. I purposely keep my hair a little longer. Its pretty forgiving because, if I let it grow for awhile,  it still looks ok. I also put highlights in my hair, as opposed to all-over color, for the same reason. 

Droplet#3 Consider letting a friend, spouse, etc. trim your hair. I wouldn’t ask a friend to do anything complicated, but some people are capable of a simple trim. Watch a few tutorials together, invest in a decent pair of scissors, and start with just an inch or less ..Nothing drastic! Also, give who ever is cutting your hair a little grace if it’s not perfect..it’s a learning curve and remember.. It will grow back!

Droplet#4  Lots of people will always go to a professional to get there hair taken care of and that’s ok. Consider stretching your appointments a little farther out. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to your stylist. Some will guide you through how to give yourself a mini trim for in between times or recommend good products that would do a similar job as what they use. Some may even barter goods or services with you to help you out. If you are too afraid to ask, you will never know. 

Lastly, I’m no hair expert. I did talk to someone in the hair business to get some of these ideas. We all have to do what works for us and there are things that we are going to pay for, regardless of cost. I think there is nothing wrong with that. To me, being frugal is about saving money where we can, so we can spend it where it counts😉.

4 thoughts on “I’m no hair expert

    1. I struggle with the back of my hair. How do you cut the back? I just let hubby cut it straight across and call it done. My mother uses the $3.00 Walmart color, too, and she always looks great! I get a huge tub from Sally’s beauty supply for around $15 but it lasts for over a year. I love the satisfaction of thinking about how many hundreds I have saved over the years.


  1. Its me again, Mrs. Bread in the Freezer. If that photo is your hair – it’s very pretty. When I was working full-time, I did the professional trim and streaking gig every two months. Then we had three kids in college (yikes!) and I decided to do the coloring myself. i AM a blonde, but that “only one color” dye job made me feel old, so I let it grow out. Now that I am graying, it is actually lighter than it’s been in decades, as the white overtakes the blond.

    I cut my own hair for years. The only way I could do it was to just cut everything to about 3-4″ and let it fly and flop. It was okay, most people didn’t realize I was cutting my own hair. But when I got tired of that look, I needed to go back to a salon. I use the cheap ones. Some haircuts are great, some are weird, it always grows out..

    I was just talking about these hair-compromises with a friend. I will send her your link.


    1. I love that… Mrs.Bread in the Freezer’ should be a blog name! Yes, that is my hair right after I colored it. I’m trying to post real photos, instead of stock photos, as much as I can though it’s not always possible, If I don’t color my hair at least some, because it is so fine, it has zero body. A hairdresser once told me, my hair had to lose it’s virginity to be manageable, and that’s pretty much right. I have had lots of weird cuts..and color..looking back, I shouldn’t have paid for them! Thanks, for sending your buddy my way.


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