A Greasy Solution


Hey Frugaldribble , if you don’t use paper towels much, what do you use when you fry bacon or french fries to soak up oil? This is what someone asked me when they previewed  my previous post.

Well, here it is. Do you see that stale hamburger bun peeking out from underneath those French fries? This is what I use to soak up extra oil..stale, aging bread. It’s my husband’s birthday and he loves jalapeño burgers, so you may see a peek of those at the back of the photo🙂.

I learned this trick from a friend in the restaurant business. Restaurants are also trying to reduce waste. Many of them use the aging bread to soak up oil from fried dishes or they are turning old bread into delightful bread pudding or other dishes. You can purchase a wire rack just for this purpose. I just don’t want to buy anything else that I have to store. I always have bread on hand in various stages of freshness. Also, I like the wicking action of an old piece of bread because it works similarly to a paper towel to remove the most oil. See all the greasy residue that has soaked into the bun? Give it try sometime and let me know what you think☺️.




2 thoughts on “A Greasy Solution

  1. I always make our bread – and by “our” I mean my husband and I – not a very big “our”. I also supply one loaf per week to an older couple; the husband is late 80’s and apparently my bread is one of the best things still going on as his health and strength deteriorate – thus I don’t want to make bread less often.

    Which means, a year into this – I have SO MANY BREAD HEELS in one bag in my freezer. I’ve been waiting for the next time we supply coffee hour snacks at our church – bread pudding for 50?

    But you have thrown me a rope here. Sucking up grease.

    I don’t get a lot of comments at my website either. But isn’t it cool when one does? Someone ELSE is living and reading this heartfelt effort to have values and live big?


    1. Thank you for commenting and yes it is. So glad this post helped you. I make bread pudding sometimes, too. It seems we have an over abundance of bread and, like you, I have lots in the freezer. Your husband is a lucky man to get fresh bread so often!


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