Here we go again..



I would like to introduce you to Kiki. When she was a kitten, someone brought her to our business location. I wasn’t there and she talked my husband into taking this kitten. The woman said, “She just has a small sore on her neck, just put some salve on it and she will be fine”…. Fast forward past recovering from a $115 surgery to remove a wolf worm, and antibiotics later, and she is fine.

Last night, she had kittens. My kids and I were lucky enough to watch the whole thing. It was a learning experience for them that required lots of explanation. The kittens are so cute!

Not everyone is a cat lover. My husband doesn’t really like them. He does love that we have not seen a live mouse in years. The key word is ‘live’ because Kiki leaves dead ones in front of my door to brag on her abilities…blegh! Some people disapprove of bringing new kittens into the world with so many living in shelters and I get that, too. I am keeping 3 of them and giving one away.

I wanted Kiki to have one litter, that actually lives, before we get her fixed. Her first litter all died, one by one. That frequently happens with a cat’s first litter, so I wasn’t surprised, but I was disappointed.

That second liter….well now…that is a more sinister story. I came home from work one day to find my neighbor’s pit bull standing between me and my front door, growling viciously. You see, he had just ingested all our kittens and he was territorial about that spot. We were all so devastated. My kids and I cuddled those tiny kittens every night when we got home, so they had become a part of our routine and our family.

I don’t have a problem with pit bulls. I suspect that this dog had not been fed well enough for his size. He had a heavy log chain hanging from his neck, so he probably isn’t the happiest dog. This same dog ate all but one of my chickens, in a separate incident about a month later, but that’s a story for another day. Like Kiki kills mice, the pit bull kills smaller prey. I have to admit talking about the ordeal again, stills stings a bit.

Let’s lighten things up, shall we? Kiki is being a good momma and these 4 kittens appear healthy. My kids have named them all, then changed those names, only to change them again. Maybe soon I will let them know that they probably aren’t all girls😉.

4 thoughts on “Here we go again..

  1. Kiki is darling, she is being such a good mama. I am glad that you are so responsible with the kittens I hate it when people don’t care for their animals, like that dog who ate your kittens and chickens. Just a reminder that cats can get pregnant at three months, it’s not good for them but it can happen. I wish you many happy years with your kittens. Sarah


    1. Right now, Kiki, is staying inside so she can’t get pregnant. Her boyfriend sure is prowling around looking for her, though! Since all seems to be good, we will be getting her fixed soon. Thanks!


  2. Greetings! I found your blog following a Pin for an apron. I have enjoyed your posts and look forward to trying out your sheet pan dinners. Fast and delicious is always a good thing!

    I’m so glad Kiki is having a good mamahood experience! It is very special to witness life coming into being. The first birth I witnessed was our donkey (when I was 5, then twin goats, kittens and several horses. Even as a child it always moved me to tears of joy.

    I hope you are taking action against that dog’s owners!

    Years ago, I raised rabbits for meat to feed our family. In the wee hours still dark hours of morning, one neighbor’s two dogs broke through the hardware cloth wiring into my rabbitry and they killed 13 kits. Most they didn’t even eat, they were in a frenzy of killing, biting off heads. I ran outside when I heard the rabbits screaming and started kicking the dogs. My husband came out and the dogs turned on him. We guessed later that they hadn’t harmed me due to the long, very fully gathered white flannel nightie that was billowing about me making me looks larger than I am. My husband was able to protect himself with a baseball bat, injuring one dog that made it very easy to make a positive identification. The animal control officer came out at the Sherrif’s request after other neighbors called 911 hearing the screaming rabbitsand then my screams. The judge awarded us $100 for each kit and $500 for the doe that became barren after the scare. The bast…bad man skipped town with no forwarding address and I never saw any compensation for our lost food and the trauma to all of us. I didn’t stop shaking for days. Both rage and then fear. That dog has killed your animals twice, it is not going to stop. Please take steps to get that dangerous animal removed before he corners and harms one of your children!

    I am not a dog hater. We have a pug and a blue healer family members currently and I grew up on a horse ranch with German Shepherds, Collies, and my most favorite childhood best friend, a 1/2 Australian cattle dog – 1/2 coyote gal who mothered bummer lambs, my Banty chicken and even an orphaned fawn. Dogs reflect their owners.

    On to happier thoughts, I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hey, thanks so much for commenting! Sorry it took so long to reply, I’m trying to cut down on my screen time a bit. I got chills reading about your dog experience. My experience has honestly been much worse than I have told on the blog. You are right, my problem is not going to just go away. My husband has took care of one of the dogs that was actively trying to tear into my chicken coop and get our last chicken. This dog has already killed the other chickens and we have it on video. We were told by the police this was what we needed to do. This same dog has growled at me and my children while he stands at our front door and won’t let us in our own house! There is another dog my neighbors have, same breed, that ate all my kittens. That dog is still alive, and unfortunately has a puppy🙁. I don’t think the dogs are cared for very well. They have huge log chains around their necks and a teenage boy feeds them, so they may be underfed. I am not a pit bull hater, I think they could be good dogs if well cared for. Maybe not live so close to others with children if choosing to have a high risk dog would be a good idea, too. My friend has a pit and he is a big ole baby☺️. It all goes back to being a responsible pet owner. So sorry for your bad experience and thank so much for checking out my blog. I hope you will check in again soon!


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