I’m not very Picky

I’m not very picky or brand specific. The picture above is a great price on 10 pounds of chicken leg quarters that some would not buy. I do get it. Simple boneless breasts or thighs are easy to prepare and I do get those too. I felt that this was a good deal so I grabbed two bags. At this price, I don’t think they would last long.

Is 10 pounds of bone-in leg quarters as good a deal as a boneless, skinless pack of the same weight? Hmmm…maybe….This is where a little thought, extra work, and creativity comes in.

If I purchase meat bone-in with skin on, then I am able to make more wonderful chicken broth when I remove the meat. So that doubles, even triples, the meals it can make for my family.  However, if I got 10 pounds of meat, without bones and skin, it is just the meat. That would be several, simply prepared, meals. In other words, the weight of the bones and skin could be considered waste, if I didn’t actually use them.


This is what has worked for me. I put two chicken leg quarters in the crockpot. When done, I removed the chicken, and poured the remaining liquid goodness into a stock pot. I added noodles, some of the chicken, lots of water, and spices.


After I remove all the chicken and fat from the bones, I chunk all that back in the crockpot and fill with water. I can get a second batch of broth from the fat and bones. I feel chicken and dumplings in my future😉. My family will eat 3 to 4 meals from these two chicken leg quarters, possibly more.

Frugal Droplets- I was out of milk, ugh! My family loves creamy chicken noodle soup. That requires milk, cream, a can of soup, etc. ..something to achieve a creamy texture. I didn’t have any of that, but I did have cream cheese that I got as a free Friday download from Kroger. If you aren’t getting these and you have a Kroger or affiliate store around, you may want to check into it. Every Friday, I get a nice freebie, and most often, it’s something I can use.

I stirred a 1/2 block of cream cheese in the noodle soup right before turning the heat off. This is important because this good quality, fresh cream cheese. Heating it too fast could cause curdling. I have ruined soup this way before😞.

Healthy Droplets– Leaving the cream cheese out would been a little more healthy and still delicious. Since it was a big pot of soup, I feel okay about it. Also, I sometimes stir in a large handful of fresh spinach toward the end of cooking this soup. My husband won’t eat spinach but I like to add it to mine.

I do frequently get deals on organic, grass-fed, free range, meats. When stores mark down meats, they look the date on the package of all meats, so I often find high quality meats in the reduced section. Thank goodness, the reduced section can have anything in it☺️. This great for my penny pinching self in my quest to eat more healthy.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I have another coming up soon about what works for my family regarding prep and storage that you might enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!

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