Freebies aren’t always free


Growing old, gracefully, is not for me. I see women with enviable, beautiful, shiny silver hair. I, on the other hand, have dull, wirey, strands of gray that are increasing with each passing heada….er…day.

I went through a period of time where I signed myself up for every sample I saw available. It’s free, right..why not? I suddenly found my mailbox full of things I didn’t really need. They were overly packaged with boxes, packing material, then cellophane on top of that. Just way. too. much.

I still love freebies. I have just chosen to be more mindful of what I sign up for. We all have different deal breakers that are important to us. If I sign up for a sample, it must have these requirements:

Droplet#1     It will be used by me or someone close to me

Droplet#2    Can be used in a timely manner before expiring or does not expire

Droplet#3     It can be used as a gift

I sign up for samples that I can gift my family saving me a little bit of money.  For instance, this hair color is not what I use for my hair. My oldest daughter does use a similar brand so I will go get her a box, before the coupon expires, and put it in with her birthday gift in May for an extra treat. Samples are a great way to try something new. This may turn into her favorite brand just because of this coupon.  It’s very important to be sure if your sample is to be given to someone else, that you make sure they will use that product. Not sure if this is supposed to be a hairband, because it is kinda thin, but that is what I am using it for😉.

Here are a few more examples of things I have signed up for that work for me:

– I signed up for lip balm to put in my youngest girl’s stocking for Christmas. She has chronically chapped lips so this was great!

-I signed up for a free elastic bandage to put in my emergency kit because this doesn’t expire and I almost had to buy one due to an injury a few months ago.

-I signed up for tomato seeds, cucumber, and wildflower seeds. These are great to have for a small garden this summer and wildflower seeds are great to tuck into a gift for a friend.

Happy Sampling!



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