Wasting Less



This is a picture of my lonely paper towel holder. It stays empty a lot of the time. I wish I could say it is always empty but not everyone agrees with me. When we have company, it does house a roll of paper towels.

If we keep paper towels on this roll, it seems to be constantly rolling. My kids will use them for every single task or spill imaginable. While I love the ease and convenience of paper towels, I can’t justify the waste of money and resources.

Here is what is working for me..


I keep a simple basket of dish towels where they can be easily reached by anyone. My family really hasn’t even balked about it. As long as I keep towels available, they don’t mind using them.

When we have a meal, I simply place a few towels on the table to use as napkins. We don’t have many formal meals at my home,  and if someone expects one, they are at the wrong house. I do have a few napkins on hand for guests, as I wouldn’t expect them to be comfortable using our towels. For everyday use, this works great for us. Cloth napkins are also a great alternative, I am just using what I have the most of. If you want to save a little on paper towels, or stop buying them altogether, maybe you could give this a try.


2 thoughts on “Wasting Less

    1. Thanks for commenting, it feels less lonely now! I can’t justify buying cloth napkins for mouth blotting when I already have so many dish towels that work just fine. I use dish towels for everything in my kitchen. I truly enjoy your posts, Cindy! Thanks again…


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