Super Strong Water


This is an old glass cleaner bottle that I have had for a a few years. I keep it around to refill with warm tap water. I use it for..well, any of my super strong, water needs. Does it have any concentrated cleaner, essential oils, bleach, or the like, added to it? Nope, it’s just plain warm tap water.


We do not always have a perfectly clean house. No surprise there after this picture, eh? I could tell you that I purposely let this yucky, dusty base board get this gross for a blog post. Nope, I simply haven’t cleaned this spot since Christmas and just noticed how gross it has become this morning. So, I got down on my hands and knees, all in the name of frugality, to snap a few yucky pics. This is a perfect example of the power of warm tap water. Not an easy feat because of my bad back, but it’s worth it.


Simply spray on warm tap water, let sit a few minutes so it can work its magic, then use a clean mop to wipe the yuck away. See how as soon as the water hits, it begin to melt the dust away? I have tried using warm, wet rags to apply the water. This seems to be a lot more work and doesn’t soak the stuff off like the pressured blast of water does. If you have a stronger spray bottle than mine, that will spray a longer distance, you could simple spray and never even have to bend over. I know, it sounds lazy, but these little things count when a whole house has to be cleaned! I usually spray a large area, then go back to the beginning, and mop it off. This way, it’s had time to dissolve the most yuck. You will have to rinse your mop to prevent dragging dirt back onto the clean base board.


I try not to use chemicals in my home if water will work just as well. This is not always the case, but lots of times, it will. Give water a try for your next simple cleaning task. Remember that every time you skip using a chemical, you are being kinder to your body, reducing waste, helping the environment, and saving money.





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