Blueberry Milk Slush

  The Frugal Dribble

Why would I call a blog this odd name? Here is a couple reasons.

 Reason#1    Just for fun, here is a definition.

Dribble- a trickle, unsteady stream, to let fall in drops or flow in small quantities;to dribble a ball.

Seems like a fun way to describe random thoughts or ideas that are fun, frugal, possibly little wacky, maybe even gross, or sometimes just plain helpful. This name seems especially fitting since I tend to ramble or have a dribble of words. Apologies in advance for those , run-on sentences, and general grammatical errors.

 Reason#2    Full disclosure-I know nothing about basketball. I proved this once when I tried out in school. I was embarrassingly, terrible. Much like the time I tried out for cheerleader, an equally embarrassing story for another day. Whoa, I am starting to sweat just thinking about it!

I wanted to be on that team pretty bad. The trouble is, I knew nothing about the game. I did not dribble to advance the ball one time through the whole tryout! Who does that!?! I went home that day disappointed. I was unprepared to accomplish what I wanted. It should come as no surprise that I didn’t make the team.

A valuable lesson was learned by me that day. I had spent hours after school, in my back yard, perfecting how to shoot hoops. I even got pretty good at it. It never occurred to me to practice how to dribble….Not.even.once.
I left out this pivotal step that might have made me a good player.

Lucky for you, I will never talk about basketball again. Hopefully, you stayed with me through that. By now you probably figured out basketball was not for me, but at least I can continue to dribble. **See reason #1

I want to leave you today with a healthy, frugal, refreshing, drink idea that was given to me by my grandparents. This is something they used to enjoy as a snack after Paw Paw developed some health problems. It’s never really had a name but I think I shall call it…um…


1/2 glass of milk

1/2 glass of frozen blueberries

1 packet SF sweetener or honey to taste(optional)

Directions: Fill a glass halfway with frozen     blueberries. Fill glass the rest of the way with milk leaving about 1 inch of head space at the top of the glass. Add sweetener, if you desire, then continually stir until slushy.

Tips: Those delightful frozen berries will cause the milk to freeze turning it into a milky, slushy treat. It doesn’t take very long for the slush to happen so it’s a great project for kids to do after school. The sweetener makes it delicious but it is also good and healthy without it, so try it both ways. Feel free to try new add-ins with this simple recipe. Enjoy!

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