A Frugal Droplet


We don’t always eat perfect, but we do try to continuously improve.  I make a conscious effort to make healthier choices through the week, because we splurge on the weekends. In other words, we are far from perfect but we try.

One of my favorite frugal droplets- get to your grocery stores early in the morning.  I have been told the early bird gets the worm. In the mornings, most grocery stores have the best worms! Especially on meats, dairy, bakery, and produce.

This morning, I had the pleasure of meeting a woman that takes pride in marking down the items in the bakery department.. and chatting about her beautiful grandchild. She even showed me a picture to confirm that she was indeed cute as a button! This brings me to another droplet- Make friends with the employees at the stores you frequent. 

Now, you don’t have to invite them over for BBQ, although that may be fun. Just try to make a little small talk. You will find that this is enjoyable and they are almost always friendly. I learned from this valuable employee that she has to have all bakery items pulled and marked down by 10:00 am. This is great for me because I drive right by this store each morning. I don’t buy bakery items that often, but when I do, I know to get there early.

When I first walked into the store this morning, my eyes were met with rows and rows of multi-colored cupcakes priced at $3.98 This is where it gets tempting and brings me to my next droplet- Walk past anything that is at the front of the store that is visually appealing and neatly stacked. One exception to this is if it appears to be a strategically placed grocery cart.  This may be filled with heavily reduced items for clearance. I have to take time to mention something important here.  Just because something is a rock bottom price, doesn’t mean that I should buy it. If I purchased everything that I see that is the lowest price available, I would eventually create clutter and waste. So really take a moment to decide it you really need it. My grandmother was known for giving many items a free ride around the store before eventually putting them back on the shelf. She lived through the Depression era. This was a neat trick she had accrued out of necessity.

Another good droplet of information is to-seek out where your stores clearance sections are. Most stores have several. The best way to find these is to simply ask that employee, that is now your friend. 😉.

When I walked back to the bakery clearance section, I found this pack of cupcakes that was marked down to $1.79, so I got them. Now, making cupcakes at home can certainly be done for less money and more healthy ingredients can be used. I do make some treats for my family and will share some of my favorites in the future. This is a busy weekend for us so, at this price, I feel good about it. For us, it’s all about balance. For now, I think I shall have just one. Or maybe just lick the frosting.IMG_4122

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